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December 29, 2007:
  • Completed page for Frederick Sebrell Cemetery in Mason County, thanks to the research and exploration efforts of our intrepid volunteers, Alice & Karl Click.

December 27, 2007:
December 23, 2007:
  • Completed pages for Buffalo Memorial Park Cemetery in Putnam County - updates for more recent burials and additional photos still needed. If you can help, please contact WVCPA for further information.

December 13, 2007:
December 9, 2007:
  • Completed the page and photos for Ephraim King Cemetery in Mason County, thanks to the assistance of WVCPA volunteers Alice & Karl Click. This is a very nicely kept family cemetery near the Jackson-Mason County line.

November 28, 2007:
  • Added a page for Sweet Springs Cemetery in Monroe County, thanks to the cemetery reading and photography of one of our dedicated volunteers, Terry McCallister, supplemented with follow-up research by WVCPA staff. More photos are needed of this cemetery, and additional research should be done. There are a few very early burials (one from 1791) in this cemetery, and more are likely, though no longer identified by tombstones today. If you have any more information than what is presented on the page for this cemetery that you are willing to share, please let us know.

November 26, 2007:
  • Added a page for Woody Cemetery in Eleanor in Putnam County - a quaint little family cemetery alongside the main thoroughfare on the north end of town - with some very old graves that have yet to be identified. If anyone viewing this has done any research on this cemetery and can shed some light on who the unidentified graves belong to, it would be great! Photos are on the page to help!

November 24, 2007:
  • Added a page for Judson Baptist Church Cemetery in Putnam County. This is a relatively new cemetery, and no known complete reading of all the inscriptions or photo survey has been done of this cemetery. If you would be willing to pay a visit to this little cemetery, located just south of Winfield on Bill's Creek Road, and write down all the inscriptions you see and take digital photos of the tombstones/markers and the cemetery itself, we will gladly add them to this page credited to you. Contact WVCPA by email if you're willing and able to help!
  • Completed pages for Richwood Cemetery in Nicholas County, thanks to the photo and research of WVCPA contributor Paul Greathouse!

October 28, 2007:
October 1, 2007:
  • Added a page for the Jackson Yauger Cemetery  and the Jasper Greer Family & McKinney-Greer Cemeteries (located side-by-side) in Mason County, thanks to the research and photography of WVCPA contributors, Karl & Alice Click.  More photos will be gathered for this cemetery in the near future for these cemeteries.
  • Joel & Donna are off on another research trip to West Virginia later this week and will not be replying to emails as quickly as usual, at least until they return to their home in Colorado later in the month. Research this trip will focus on central Mason County, northern Jackson County in the Ravenswood area, and hopefully portions of southwestern Mason and northern Cabell counties as time permits. Meeting with local volunteer contacts as well will be a priority, as always for such trips.

September 30, 2007:
September 28, 2007:
  • Added a page for the Frazier's Bottom Methodist Church Cemetery in Putnam County, thanks to the research and photography of WVCPA contributor, Angie Harkins as well as WVCPA staff.  More photos will be gathered for this cemetery in the near future.

September 26, 2007:
  • Added a page for Scott Family Cemetery in Kanawha County, thanks to the photographic submission from WVCPA contributor, Debra Tyler. More information is needed for this cemetery, as well as more photos.  If any of you can help out, please email the information to WVCPA, email subject line "Scott Family Cemetery - Kanawha Co."
  • Added a page for Queen's Ridge Cemetery in Wayne County (our first cemetery for the county), thanks to information and photos provided WVCPA contributor, Della Perry Lilly. More information is needed for this cemetery, including a complete, current reading, as well as many more photos.  If any of you can help out, please email the information to WVCPA, email subject line "Queen's Ridge Cemetery - Wayne Co." 

September 23, 2007:
  • Added a page for Davis (Poar) Cemetery in Putnam County, thanks to the research and photography of WVCPA contributor, Angie Harkins.

September 22, 2007:
  • Added a page for Dunn Family Cemetery on Dunlavy Ridge in Arbuckle District of Mason County, and for Foglesong Cemetery in Robinson District of Mason County, thanks to the directions and research from WVCPA contributors, Chris and Barb Dunn.
  • Added a page for Ward-Aten Cemetery in Mason County, thanks to collaboration with WVCPA volunteers Alice & Karl Click.
  • WVCPA wants to thank those of you who have been faithfully using the Goodsearch search engine (see www.goodsearch.com) when you're looking up information on the web - as a result, WVCPA annually receives a donation from the Goodsearch organization, at no cost to you! For every search you run on Goodsearch (when you specify WVCPA as your charity), 1 cent is added to the WVCPA account. We're then able to pass this donation on to cemetery preservation projects across the state. The more you search, the more we're able to give! The annual tally of searches for disbursement occurs on the last day of September, so you have a week to get out there and see what you can find on the web!

September 17, 2007:
  • Added a page for Warner Family Cemetery at Tribble in Mason County, thanks to the photography and research of WVCPA contributors, Lisa and Gary Davis. We're hoping that more can be done to prevent further deterioration of this abandoned little family cemetery, and we're looking to do what we can to help. If you'd be interested in helping out with this project, please contact WVCPA by email at

September 11, 2007:
September 3, 2007:
August 22, 2007:
  • Added a page for Holy Family Cemetery in Nicholas County, thanks to the reading and photos provided by WVCPA contributor Paul Greathouse - the photos are still being readied for posting on the web, but should be available in the next week or so. 
    update per Aug. 31 - all available photos are now online for this cemetery]

August 21, 2007:
  • Added the remaining photos for the Barnett Chapel Cemetery in Putnam County - several new names have been added to the listing for the cemetery, based on the photos taken by WVCPA staff
  • Added a page for Bowles Cemetery in Union District of Putnam County

August 18, 2007:
  • Added a page for Stephens Cemetery in Union District of Mason County, thanks to location and status information provided by WVCPA volunteers Karl and Alice Click, along with several photos that they took of the cemetery.

August 16, 2007:
  • Added a page for Denna Cemetery in Nicholas County, thanks to the reading provided by WVCPA contributor Paul Greathouse.

August 12-13, 2007:
  • Added pages for Little Italy Cemetery in and McTheny Cemetery near Richwood, and Davis Cemetery and Powers Cemetery at Coe in Nicholas County, thanks to the reading provided by WVCPA contributor Paul Greathouse. Paul has generously provided several additional cemetery readings and many, many tombstone photographs from Nicholas and Pocahontas Counties that we will be adding over the coming weeks.
  • Added a cemetery page for Clay County 

August 10, 2007:
  • Added a page for Poling Cemetery (a.k.a. Cleek Cemetery) in Jackson County. Photos of this cemetery have been taken by WVCPA volunteer Alice Click and will be added to the page as soon as they've been edited for the Internet.
  • Completed the photo survey of all existing grave markers/stones at Hickory Grove Church Cemetery in Jackson County and added the photos to the cemetery page. 

August 8, 2007:
  • A reminder to our visitors: if you find a link on one of our pages that goes nowhere, please let us know by email, indicating the page and the location of the link on the page. With as many changes that have been made to the site in the past couple of months, a broken link here and there is inevitable, and we appreciate your help in letting us know where they sneak into our pages!
  • Just returned from a trip around Mason, Putnam, Jackson and Ritchie counties - having gathered over 2000 new photos of cemeteries and tombstones in those counties. Hundreds of additional tombstone photos have been received in recent weeks from volunteers across the state. While in the area, Donna led a tour of cemeteries in southern Mason County of interest to the Kimberling family as part of their family reunion held this year in Point Pleasant. A delightful time was had by all, with many of the tour participants visiting West Virginia and their ancestral homelands for the first time. 
  • Added a cemetery page for Nicholas County

July 31, 2007:
  • Added a page for Creed T. Wray Cemetery in Mason County, thanks to the photo and information sent by Wray family researcher Sherry Wray. Sadly, the few tombstones in this cemetery have been lost to the destructive habits of cows that have been allowed to roam about and graze in the cemetery. This page holds the last known photo record of the tombstones from 1978-1979. An additional page has been added for the Wm. T. "Bub" Wray family Cemetery (also known as the McCallister-Needham cemetery?), grandson of Creed T. Wray, with information and photos that were also provided by Sherry.

July 28, 2007:
  • Completed adding all the tombstone photos for Longview Church Cemetery in Jackson County.
  • Completed adding tombstone and cemetery overview photos of Combs Cemetery in Mason County, thanks to the photographic contribution of Alice Click and the expert cemetery sleuthing skills of her husband Karl!

July 16, 2007:
  • Welcome Home to our New Website!
    After much tedious work, I've finally gotten our full website moved onto one server (it was house on three different systems before - a hazard of simple beginnings in the world of the Web), under one domain name that is all our own ("wvcpaweb.org") and fully under our management. In addition, the new web host service provides us with much-needed disk space for our ever-increasing database of cemetery photos, plus supports multiple online MySQL databases, giving us promising areas where we can potentially automate the creation of cemetery pages based on raw data from the database itself. 

Since so many pages have been updated, links changed within the pages themselves, and files renamed, there is the possibility that I may have missed a link here and there.  If, in the course of your visiting our site, you find a link that does not work or that takes you to the wrong page or shows you a photo that doesn't correspond to the associated text, please email us with the details so we can correct the error. After several late nights (mornings?!) in a row, checking and re-checking visually and running error-checking web-crawling services, we think we've caught every little 'boo-boo'.

We hope you continue to enjoy our new home on the web, and look forward, as we do, to more additions and features to come!  

  • In mid-June, I made a short trip to West Virginia and was able to spend many hours visiting cemeteries that were new to WVCPA, and a few that we've known for many years. In that time I collected close to 2000 more tombstone photos in Mason, Jackson and Putnam counties that will eventually find their way onto this web site.  I also spent a delightful day with faithful WVCPA volunteers Alice and Karl Click in Mason County, visiting some beautiful old cemeteries in that county and going through the research that they have been doing on cemeteries in both Mason and Jackson counties in recent months. It's a treat for the both Joel and I to visit with, and especially to be out exploring and working in cemeteries with, our volunteers and researchers across the state. Time usually doesn't permit us doing as much as we'd like to when our trips to West Virginia are limited to our vacation time from work, but we do try to meet with at least one of our volunteers each trip. And every time, no exception, we part company feeling abundantly blessed for the the time spent together and for the friendships that are being forged. Each one of you are in our thoughts and our prayers each and every day, whether you are near or far.


June 5, 2007:
  • Added a page for McCulloch Cemetery in Point Pleasant, Mason County - thanks to Mary Richardson for bringing it to our attention. WVCPA staff will hopefully be able to visit this cemetery very soon and evaluate the needs to get this long-forgotten cemetery back into decent order. Mary (the landowner) has tried herself, but it is too big a job for her to handle alone, and she's asked for our help to find helpers to do the clean-up of this very old cemetery. If you, or someone you know, is willing to help, please contact us and we will put you in touch with Mary.

June 2, 2007:
May 13, 2007:
  • Added pages for the Ephriam King Cemetery in Mason County, and the J.O. Sayre Cemetery and the Zearley Cemetery in Jackson County. Additional photos for these cemeteries will be arriving later this month from local researcher and WVCPA volunteer Alice Click. More research is being done to be sure all known burials in these cemeteries are recorded on the WVCPA pages. Check back on this links in the coming months for updates after our upcoming research trip to West Virginia.
  • WVCPA is starting to migrate its website to its own web domain, rather than continuing to rely on "free server space" on the web to host many of its photos and web pages. After much thought on the matter, and in light of the ever-increasing size and archival value of our documentation and photo collection, we've decided to consolidate our pages into one hosting provider at our new URL "http://www.wvcpaweb.org" The current website will remain active for as much as a year in the future, as will our email address, though that may change in the coming years. The curse of "spam" is becoming quite a problem for most everyone, and WVCPA is no exception - changing an email address every few years can help remedy the situation, at least for a time. We'll keep you posted as changes come up on the horizon. In the meantime, we encourage you to start using our new homepage address, and do, please, let us know if you encounter any difficulties in using the new pages as they become available.

May 5, 2007:
  • Added over 50 new photos for Smith Church Cemetery in Mason County - some of stones that have not had photos posted on our site before - the reading has also been updated and corrected as a result of the newly visible detail on the latest photos.

April 30, 2007:
  • Added pages for the Nichols Cemetery and the Smith Cemetery (near the Lincoln Co. line) in Putnam County, thanks to the hard work and photographs contributed by Melissa F. Conley and her family. They're currently working diligently on these cemeteries to clean them up and bring them back from the state of disrepair that both were suffering. Thank you Conley Family!

April 29, 2007:
  • Added a page for Foster Chapel Cemetery in Jackson County - more photos being processed for this lovely cemetery on Foster Ridge. Check back on the page later to see more from our visit there in October 2006!

April 28, 2007:
April 21, 2007:
April 15, 2007:
April 9, 2007:
  • Added over 50 new photos and many names to the page for Schowen Cemetery in Putnam County, thanks to the research and photography of WVCPA contributor Mike Shaffer.  Thank you Mike!

April 7, 2007:
April 3, 2007:
March 31, 2007:
  • Added pages for Memory Gardens, Green Cemetery, Gomez Cemetery, Mid Ferrell Cemetery, Boone Memorial Park and Hatfield Cemetery in Boone County, thanks to the readings and photos contributed by family researcher Rick Dent - Thanks for the help, Rick!
  • Working on a page for a cemetery on the East side of Fairmont in Marion County, known as the "East Side Cemetery", though it's proper name is unknown. We're looking for more information on this cemetery - it's exact location and other burials that are located there. It is known that the Wolford family has many members buried there. If you know of this cemetery, or can help research it, let us know and we will pass the information along to the contributor and our contact for this cemetery, Sharon Robertson.

March 23, 2007:
March 6, 2007:
  • A number of corrections and additions have been made to the Moss Chapel Cemetery page (Putnam County), based on a reading done by WVCPA staff in February.  A complete photo survey has also been completed, and photos are being prepared for placement on the cemetery page.

March 3, 2007:
  • Added photos and updated/corrected reading for Samuel Alexander Cemetery in Union District of Mason County - photos from last week's visit to the area by WVCPA staff. 
  • A reminder to all of our faithful visitors - use www.goodsearch.com for your searches on the web - doing so when specifying WVCPA as your charity of choice provides a donation of $.01 to this non-profit organization each time you search the web! Ask your family and friends to do so too...Thank you! 

February 16, 2007:
January 1, 2007: As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, WVCPA receives all of its income to cover operating expenses and be able to pass along gifts for selected cemetery rescue efforts in the state of West Virginia from donations from faithful donors and philanthropists across the United States.  WVCPA makes it a point to NOT charge for any of the services it provides on the internet, in person, or via email, nor do we inundate our volunteers and business contacts with spam email, soliciting donations throughout the year. In fact, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are greatly restricted by the Internal Revenue Service in how we raise funds that are not given as freewill gifts. So, once a year around this time, we strive to remind our friends and visitors of the opportunity that they have to further the work of WVCPA through their financial gifts and potentially gain deductions on their own taxes in the process.  As such, here are a couple of announcements we'd like to make as this year comes to a close:
  • WVCPA has been added as one of the non-profit charities that benefits from people using the GoodSearch search engine at www.goodsearch.comGoodSearch is a search engine with a unique social mission. Itís powered by Yahoo, so you get the same great search results. GoodSearch donates 50% of their advertising revenue to the nonprofits and schools selected by their users. Now our supporters can make a difference in the work of WVCPA, or any nonprofit charity of their choice that is included among the registered organizations on the GoodSearch site, simply by changing the way they search the Internet!  Starting tomorrow, the 28th of December, anytime anyone uses the GoodSearch site to search on the Internet and specifies WVCPA as their favorite charity, GoodSearch will set aside a portion of their revenue to contribute WVCPA. Over the years, many of you have expressed the desire to donate to WVCPA, but have not had the means - now you can without it costing you a penny!  Check out GoodSearch for details, and tell your friends and family how they can contribute as well!

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