Adopted Cemeteries

These are cemeteries that have a special place in our hearts, that we have set our minds to watch over and help protect for our children and the descendants of those laid to rest there.  

If you have a cemetery in West Virginia that you would like to "adopt" and would like us to post it here with your name or the name of your organization, please contact us.  It would help if you would indicate the time-frame you will dedicate yourself to watching over the cemetery.  We would recommend a year at a time to start.  Of particular interest are small, family or rural church cemeteries, that are not owned and operated by perpetual-care institutions.  This could be a great project for a church or service organization, not to mention a fun project for you and your family.  Be sure to check with local authorities to identify any official caretakers that are associated with the cemetery, then get in contact with them to volunteer whatever assistance you may be able to provide.  To prevent any legal complications, do keep your actions within any limits they may specify as legal representatives of the descendants of the persons buried there.  

On our Resources page, we maintain a list of organizations and resources that we look to for guidance in the care and preservation of these often fragile pieces of history.  Please refer to these well-educated and experienced resources before undertaking any restoration to any cemetery artifacts, such as tombstones, fencing, or plantings.  Well-meaning, but ill-prepared efforts can seriously damage these objects. 

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 Updated: 07 September 2012