Historic Churches:

Mason County

This is a list of identified churches by name, latitude and longitude, and USGS quad map location. Additional history information and photographs may also be provided, as the data is gathered, and will be hyper linked alongside the name of each church.  If you know of web sites dedicated to the history of one of the churches in this county, we will be happy to link to them here.  Additions or corrections to this database are welcomed and encouraged. 

The photos linked to here are copyrighted in their entirety by the person who photographed the church.  They are not owned by WVCPA, unless specifically stated on the individual page or photograph,  and therefore WVCPA may not give permission for their reprinting.  It would be in our best interest to warn you that using any portion of these photos for any purpose is considered an infringement of the copyright and prosecutable under law, unless appropriate permission has been granted by the owner of the material.

Church Name:


District:  USGS Quad:  Latitude: Longitude: 
Arbuckle Church   Union Robertsburg 38.732N 81.911W
Arbuckle Presbyterian Church In Progress Union Robertsburg 38.695N 81.951W
Baden Baptist Church In Progress   Mount Alto 38.794N 81.888W
Baden Church     Mount Alto 38.807N 81.907W
Ball Chapel Church   Hannan Mount Olive 38.6095N 82.1101W
Barrs Chapel     Arlee 38.721N 82.012W
Barton Chapel     Arlee 38.637N 82.069W
Beale Chapel     Apple Grove 38.657N 82.167W
Beech Hill Church (non-WVCPA site)   Arbuckle Beech Hill   38.7674N 82.0117W
Bethel Church     Mount Alto 38.795N 81.916W
Board Church     New Haven 38.910N 81.971W
Brighton Methodist Episcopal Church     Beech Hill 38.800N 82.040W
Bruce Chapel     Apple Grove 38.746N 82.177W
College Hill Church     Beech Hill 38.768N 82.094W
Concord Baptist Church Click Here Arbuckle Beech Hill 38.7867N 82.0602W
Creston Church     Cottageville 38.787N 81.865W
Davies Grove Church     Mount Alto 38.865N 81.976W
Eckard Church     Beech Hill 38.852N 82.038W
Eddy Chapel Click Here   Beech Hill 38.8150N 82.0055W
Fairfield Church     Glenwood 38.564N 82.126W
General Assembly of the Lord ...     New Haven 38.890N 81.964W
Gillispie Chapel     Gallipolis 38.800N 82.132W
Gospel Tabernacle     Beech Hill 38.820N 82.120W
Graham Church     New Haven 38.945N 81.920W
Guiding Church     New Haven 38.879N 81.926W
Hambrick Church     Arlee 38.695N 82.029W
Harmony Church In Progress   Robertsburg 38.717N 81.970W
Harvey Chapel     Mount Alto 38.804N 81.950W
Hickory Chapel     Beech Hill 38.849N 82.074W
Jordan Church     Gallipolis 38.774N 82.196W
Krebs Chapel     Cheshire 38.878N 82.053W
Millstone Church     Apple Grove 38.682N 82.136W
Mission Ridge Church     Cheshire 38.947N 82.045W
Moores Chapel     Glenwood 38.614N 82.146W
Morning Star Church     Beech Hill 38.821N 82.068W
Mount Carmel Church     Arlee 38.706N 82.121W
Mount Moriah Church     Mount Alto 38.859N 81.965W
Mount Olive Church   Union Mount Alto 38.844N 81.944W
Mount Prospect Church
(A.K.A. Warner Chapel)
In Progress Union Elmwood 38.686N 81.834W
Mount Union Church     Arlee 38.627N 82.023W
Mount Zion Church     Mount Olive 38.562N 82.069W
Mount Zion Church (non-WVCPA site)     Mount Alto 38.830N 81.979W
Mountain Valley Church     Arlee 38.705N 82.079W
Mud Run Church     Apple Grove 38.713N 82.144W
Oak Grove Church     New Haven 38.891N 81.971W
Oma Church   Union Robertsburg 38.667N 81.938W
Peniel Church     Cheshire 38.924N 82.009W
Pine Grove Church (non-WVCPA site)     Arlee 38.743N 82.040W
Pine Grove Church     Mount Alto 38.779N 81.916W
Pleasant Ridge Church     Apple Grove 38.729N 82.147W
Potts Chapel In Progress   Arlee 38.675N 82.099W
Promise Land Church In Progress Union Robertsburg 38.694N 81.913W
Riffle Chapel In Progress Union Robertsburg 38.749N 81.914W
Rockcastle Church Click Here Union Elmwood 38.7369N 81.8176W
Salem Church   Union Cheshire 38.967N 82.032W
Shiloh Church     Mount Alto 38.778N 81.949W
Siloam Church     Arlee 38.673N 82.023W
Smith Church In Progress Union Robertsburg 38.736N 81.880W
Spilman Church     Cheshire 38.979N 82.076W
Staten Chapel     Mount Olive 38.521N 82.083W
Tabor Church In Progress Union Cottageville 38.763N 81.863W
Trinity Church     Beech Hill 38.821N 82.031W
Union Church     New Haven 38.960N 81.982W
Valley Ridge Church     Arlee 38.666N 82.078W
Vaught Memorial Church     Beech Hill 38.818N 82.118W
Vernon Church     New Haven 38.926N 81.961W
Warner Chapel
(A.K.A. Mount Prospect Church)
In Progress Union Elmwood 38.686N 81.834W
Westminster Church     Gallipolis 38.787N 82.199W
White Church     New Haven 38.922N 81.989W
Wolfe Valley Church Click Here Union Robertsburg 38.712N 81.884W
Yauger Church     Mount Alto 38.795N 81.979W
Zion Church     Arlee 38.735N 82.117W
Zion Church     New Haven 38.957N 81.957W

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