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Church Name: Wolfe Valley Baptist

Date Founded:

County: Mason

Founding Denomination:

USGS Quad: Robertsburg

Condition of church building/grounds**:

Good (October 2007)
Coordinates: 38.7119N  81.8843W

Preservation Outlook:

Maintained by: The congregation


Concrete block - original structure was log
Property owner: Trustees of Wolfe Valley Baptist Church 
Date added to WVCPA register: December 2007  Data Updated: 24 June 2013
Accessibility: Easily accessible, though currently no handicapped access to the upstairs portion of the building, only the Sunday School area in the basement. Plans are in the works for adding a wheelchair ramp to access the upstairs.

** Condition of church building and grounds as observed on the given date - may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

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Wolfe Valley Baptist Church was founded in 1852, under the leadership of Rev. Wm. Getchell and Lewis Greenlee. Other founding members included Lewis & Christina Wolfe, Francis & Deborah Knapp, Jacob Zearley, John Williams, John & Elizabeth Harpold and Abigail and Joshua Deweese.

In its early years, the log church building served as both church and schoolhouse, until the nearby Cloverdale School was built.

Affiliated with the Teays Valley Baptist association from 1873, separating and becoming an independent Baptist church in 1976. The church has been in nearly continual use since its founding, and currently maintains an active membership of between 15-25, with twice-weekly services and Sunday School classes for adults and children. 

Wolfe Valley Church - ca. 1925 - click on photo to view full size

One of the 
earliest photos found of the church - estimated to be from the mid- to late 1920's:

In 1940, the original church building burnt to the ground, along with virtually all of its contents. There are a few small items that miraculously managed to survive the blaze, including a family Bible that had been given to the church by a neighboring family, along with a small assortment of general records. The Bible was returned to the sanctuary, along with the surviving records, after a new building was built in the early 1940's by the congregation.

Wolfe Valley Church - ca. 1940? - the 'new' block construction building - click to view full size

The "new" concrete block building, 
not too long after its completion over the same site of the original building, probably from 1941 or 1942. The new building having the addition of a full basement and indoor restrooms: 

Pastors who have served this congregation over the years
             include (dates are approximate in some cases):

1852 -         Rev. William Getchell
1853-1872 - ?
1873-1877 - Rev. William Cadle
1878 -         ?
1879-1892 - Rev. William Cadle (he also served Old Town Baptist, Shiloh 
                  Baptist, Long Hollow and Concord Baptist
                  simultaneously at times,
during these years)
1893-1939 - ?
1940-1954 - Rev. Brady G. Duncan
1955-1959 - Rev. Clinton H. Craig ?
1960-1963 - Rev. J. Paul Graham (with Rev. Fred Harmon
                  serving as associate pastor)
1964-1965 - Rev. B.G. Duncan (may have been other years too)
1966 -         Rev. Dennis Weaver (with Rev. Fred Harmon, retired,
                  serving as associate pastor)
1967-1972 - Rev. William H. McDaniel
1973-1974 - Rev. Franklin Nott
1975-1986 - Rev. Nott?
1987-          Rev. Bobby Craig
1988-1998 - Rev. Charles Higginbotham ?
1999-2002 - Rev. Wayne Conley
2003-2005 - Rev. James Conley
2005-2011 - Brother Bob Way
2011-2012 - Dr. R.W. Hall
2012-present - Pastor A.W. Chism

Rev. William Cadle - date and source unknown

Rev. William Cadle, pastor during the late 1800's



This church holds a special place in the heart of the WVCPA founders, Joel & Donna Duprey, as Joel's ancestors were among the founding members. This little white church in the valley sits at the crossroads - the heart, if you will, of what was once known as Capehart, and near the confluence of Thirteenmile Creek and its tributary, Poplar Fork. Up Poplar Fork (which runs on the west side of the church) at the bridge, the Capehart store and post office once stood. In the opposite direction, a short ways down Tribble Road just across Thirteen Mile Creek on a knoll to the northeast stands what was the Cloverdale School, now on private property and fallen into disrepair. Just beyond Cloverdale School, on what is today known as Cabin Ridge Road, lies Wolfe Valley Cemetery. Not associated directly with the church, the cemetery is the resting place of many of the pioneers of this area, a vast number of those buried having been one time members of this congregation. To see what's happening at the church, visit their web site at www.wolfevalley.org.

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 Updated: 24 June 2013