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Church Name: Concord Baptist Church

Date Congregation Founded:
Date Present Church Building Built:

1949 / 1967
County: Mason Founding Denomination: Baptist
USGS Quad: Beech Hill Condition of church building/grounds**: Excellent (March 2005)
Coordinates: 38.7867N  82.0602W Preservation Outlook: Currently in use 
Maintained by: Concord Baptist Church congregation Construction: Stick frame
Property owner:   Concord Baptist Church Congregation
Date added to WVCPA register: May 2006  Data Updated: 07 September 2012
Accessibility: Very accessible.  Located at Couch, WV south of Henderson just off on Rt. 35 on the southwest side of the highway

** Condition of church building and grounds as observed on the given date - may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

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 Concord Baptist Church - plaque located on side of church building 

Plaque mounted on the side of the church building

Concord Baptist Church was begun in 1821 as a branch of Harmony Baptist Church.  From 1821 to its formal organization in 1834, the group met in the home of Chap Maupin.  On August 10, 1834, 18 persons agreed to organize themselves into the Concord Baptist Church with William George as their first pastor.  The church became a part of the Teays Valley Baptist Association later in 1834.  By 1926 they reported over 100 members, rising to 170 members per 1976

According to church tradition, Charles Day was the first to lay the cut that felled the first tree to build the original meeting house.  Built in the fashion of what could be called a "church raising", members and friends cut down trees, some peeled bark, others notched the timbers, and when all was prepared, raised the building over the span of little more than a day.

(from notes on the history of the church recorded by Rev. Lawrence Dickerson, pastor of Concord from 1889-1903)

Concord Baptist Church, Couch, Mason Co., WV

 Pastors who have served Concord Baptist Church over the centuries - some serving more than one congregation
simultaneously - dates of service are provided, where known:

William George 1845-1856

Richard W. Davis 1861-1879

W.A.Cadle 1883-1884, 1909-1910, & 1917-1919
Charles Davis 

Thomas Davis

J.C. Richardson

Lawrence Dickerson 1889-1903

T.J. Rigg

T.H. Fitzgerald

John Reubin Reynolds

S.S. Denny

O.F. Jackson

J.H. Childers

R.R. Denny

J. Smyth Dye

A.J. Clere 1928, 1935, & 1938-1939

Brown McDonald

E.W. Webster

Clarence G. Billups 1941

M.M. Malcom

Warren Dean

Harry C. Miller 1957-1965+?

James H. Neal

Fred D. McCallister 1969-1972+

Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, Couch, Mason Co., WV  Concord Baptist Church, Couch, Mason Co., WV  Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, Couch, Mason Co., WV

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Information gathered primarily from the research done by Michael Montgomery Watts and published in the book "The Teays Valley Baptist Association: a brief history", copyright 1995 by The Teays Valley Baptists Association, and independent research by WVCPA staff at the West Virginia Baptist Historical Society archives located at the West Virginia Baptist Conference Center at Parchment Valley, Ripley, WV.


We would love to add old photos of this church - particularly from the time it was in active use.  Does anyone have any more history of this congregation to share, or any information on its current ownership and future? Contact us at.

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Updated: 07 September 2012