Historic Churches:

Jackson County

This is a list of identified churches by name, latitude and longitude, and USGS quad map location. Additional history information and photographs may also be provided, as the data is gathered, and will be hyper linked alongside the name of each church.  If you know of web sites dedicated to the history of one of the churches in this county, we will be happy to link to them here.  Additions or corrections to this database are welcomed and encouraged. 

The photos linked to here are copyrighted in their entirety by the person who photographed the church.  They are not owned by WVCPA, unless specifically stated on the individual page or photograph,  and therefore WVCPA may not give permission for their reprinting.  It would be in our best interest to warn you that using any portion of these photos for any purpose is considered an infringement of the copyright and prosecutable under law, unless appropriate permission has been granted by the owner of the material.

Church Name:


USGS Quad:  Latitude: Longitude: 
Antioch Church   Cottageville 38.835N 81.832W
Aplin Church   Kentuck 38.728N 81.542W
Batchel Chapel (historical)   Ripley 38.823N 81.746W
Beechgrove Church   Rockport 39.011N 81.622W
Briscoe Church   Gay 38.770N 81.587W
Calvary United Methodist Church   Ripley 38.820N 81.712W
Cedar Run Church   Ravenswood 38.912N 81.772W
Centennial Church   Ripley 38.844N 81.669W
Chapel Hill Church (historical)   Pond Creek 39.039N 81.684W
Church of Christ   Ravenswood 38.959N 81.763W
Comet Church   Sandyville 38.898N 81.702W
Community Church   Kenna 38.659N 81.636W
Cottageville Church   Cottageville 38.838N 81.799W
Ebenezer Church   Pond Creek 39.050N 81.731W
Elk Fork Church   Gay 38.757N 81.548W
Ephesus Church   Kenna 38.727N 81.652W
Epworth United Methodist Church   Ripley 38.820N 81.710W
Fairview Church   Kenna 38.710N 81.690W
Fairview Church   Cottageville 38.838N 81.865W
Fairview Church   Liverpool 38.936N 81.544W
Faith Bible Church   Ravenswood 38.949N 81.757W
Falling Water Church   Kentuck 38.705N 81.577W
First Christian Church   Ravenswood 38.949N 81.755W
Fishers Church   Sissonville 38.605N 81.635W
Foster Chapel   Cottageville 38.755N 81.778W
Grace Episcopal Church   Ravenswood 38.949N 81.759W
Grasslick Church   Kenna 38.689N 81.669W
Guiding Light Church   Sissonville 38.595N 81.667W
Hickory Grove Church   Kenna 38.663N 81.642W
Hopewell Church   Mount Alto 38.863N 81.880W
Joe's Run (a.k.a. Herman) Church   Gay 38.8340N 81.6132W
Kings Chapel   Ripley 38.831N 81.734W
Lone Oak Church In Progress Elmwood 38.7126N 81.7623W
Long Bottom Church (historical)   Cottageville 38.804N 81.838W
Long Hollow Church Photo/History Elmwood 38.7445N 81.8000W
Longview Church   Cottageville 38.793N 81.821W
Martin Chapel   Cottageville 38.851N 81.761W
McGees Chapel   Sandyville 38.908N 81.675W
Meadowdale Church   Liverpool 38.903N 81.585W
Milhoan Church   Portland 39.065N 81.758W
Mill Creek Church   Gay 38.825N 81.578W
Mount Calvary Church (historical)   Ripley 38.798N 81.688W
Mount Carmel Church   Gay 38.751N 81.597W
Mount Carmel Church of God
   (a.k.a. Picklebean Church) 
  Cottageville near
Mount Hebron Church   Mount Alto 38.844N 81.883W
Mount Hope Church   Gay 38.864N 81.603W
Mount Moriah Photo/History Ripley 38.7882N 81.7652W
Mount Olive Church (historical)   Ripley 38.813N 81.649W
Mount Zion Church   Pond Creek 39.076N 81.711W
Mount Olive Church (Rockcastle) Photo/History Elmwood 38.7040N 81.7975W
North United Methodist Church   Ravenswood 38.960N 81.771W
Oak Hill Church (historical)   Ripley 38.792N 81.714W
Otterbein Church In Progress Cottageville 38.8319N 81.7931W
Our Saviour Evangelical Lutheran   Ravenswood 38.949N 81.757W
Parchment Chapel  In Progress Kenna 38.7330N 81.7324W
Picklebean Church
   (a.k.a. Mt. Carmel Church of God) 
  Cottageville near
Pine Grove Church   Ripley 38.859N 81.661W
Pine Grove Church (historical)   Ripley 38.828N 81.667W
Plainview Church   Kentuck 38.703N 81.610W
Pleasant Hill Church Photo/History Ripley 38.7559N 81.7401W
Pleasant Hill Church (historical)   Sandyville 38.878N 81.737W
Pleasant Home Church   Sandyville 38.941N 81.656W
Pleasant Ridge Church   Liverpool 38.966N 81.569W
Pleasant View Church   Romance 38.619N 81.623W
Pleasant View Church   Ravenswood 38.918N 81.812W
Praise Cathedral   Ravenswood 38.959N 81.766W
Prayer and Faith Church   Liverpool 38.938N 81.589W
Providence Church   Liverpool 38.998N 81.579W
Rader Church Photo/History Gay 38.7921N 81.6013W
Ripley First Church of God   Ripley 38.819N 81.710W
Ripley Tabernacle   Ripley 38.815N 81.702W
Rock Spring Church Photo/History Sissonville 38.6178N 81.6866W
Saint Johns Episcopal Church   Ripley 38.821N 81.721W
Salt Hill Church   Ripley 38.785N 81.685W
Second Baptist Church   Ravenswood 38.959N 81.768W
Shepherd Chapel   Liverpool 38.981N 81.582W
Simpson Church   Pond Creek 39.038N 81.628W
Sinaiville Church   Kentuck 38.737N 81.622W
Stonelick Church   Kentuck 38.677N 81.624W
Sunrise Church   Ripley 38.867N 81.703W
Temperance Chapel   Pond Creek 39.037N 81.657W
Trace Fork Church   Sandyville 38.878N 81.642W
Vista Church   Kentuck 38.716N 81.588W
Warren Chapel   Kenna 38.664N 81.673W
Welcome Mission Church   Romance 38.603N 81.541W
White Chapel   Sandyville 38.991N 81.725W
White Pine Church   Kentuck 38.708N 81.540W
Zion Church   Gay 38.765N 81.608W

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