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This is a list of cemeteries currently identified by WVCPA by name, USGS quad map location, and latitude and longitude.  If a transcription or photograph series - partial or complete - has been done for a particular cemetery, there will be a hyperlink in the "Register/Photos" column to the location of the specific document.  Additions or corrections to this database are welcomed and encouraged. 

The cemetery transcriptions and photos linked to here are copyrighted in their entirety by the person who transcribed or photographed the cemetery.  They are not owned by WVCPA, unless specifically stated on the individual page or photograph,  and therefore WVCPA may not give permission for their reprinting.  It would be in our best interest to warn you that using any portion of these transcriptions or photos for any purpose is considered an infringement of the copyright and prosecutable under law, unless appropriate permission has been granted by the owner of the material.

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This is a work in progress - additions and corrections welcome!


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 Accident Cemetery     Aurora 39.2854N -79.5403W Map
 Albright Cemetery            
 Arthurdale Cemetery     Newburg 39.4958N -79.8292W Map
 Aurora Cemetery            

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 Beachy Cemetery     Aurora 39.3208N -79.5647W Map
 Beech Run Cemetery     Valley Point 39.5453N -79.6642W Map
 Belleview Cemetery     Aurora 39.3480N -79.5900W Map
 Bethel Cemetery (Scotch Hill)            
 Bethlehem Cemetery            
 Blackwood Cemetery     Fellowsville 39.3639N -79.8133W Map
 Bock Cemetery            
 Bolyard Cemetery     Fellowsville 39.3139N -79.7531W Map
 Bruceton Mills Cemetery            
 Burns Cemetery   Reno Rowlesburg 39.3297N -79.7039W Map

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 Centennary Cemetery            
 Church Cemetery     Newburg 39.4958N -79.8292W Map
 Clingan Family Cemetery            
 Cobun Cemetery            
 Concord Cemetery     Newburg 39.4080N -79.8206W Map
 Crab Orchard Lutheran Cemetery            
 Cuppett-Teets Cemetery            

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 Damon Cemetery            
 Deakins Cemetery     Rowlesburg 39.3208N -79.6547W Map
 Denver Cemetery     Newburg 39.3800N -79.7797W Map

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 East View Cemetery     Bruceton Mills 39.7189N -79.6994W Map
 Etam Cemetery            
 Evansville Cemetery            

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 Fair View Cemetery     Bruceton Mills 39.6475N -79.7378W Map
 Faith Cemetery            
 Forman Cemetery
     (a.k.a. Harned or Protzman Cemetery - poss. Graham?)
 Frankhouser Cemetery (a.k.a. Old Brick Church Cemetery) Click Here   Brandonville 39.6545N -79.5753W Map

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 Gladesville Cemetery            
 Glover Cemetery            
 Glover Cemetery (Brandonville)            
 Gordon Cemetery     Lyon      

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 Harned Cemetery
     (a.k.a. Forman or Protzman Cemetery - poss. Graham?)
 Hebb Homestead Cemetery            
 Hunt Cemetery            
 Keeler Glade Cemetery            
 Kight Cemetery     Lead Mine 39.2214N -79.5231W Map
 Kingwood Cemetery     Kingwood 39.4686N -79.6819W Map
 Lamberts Cemetery            
 Lenox Cemetery     Cuzzart 39.5597N -79.5928W Map
 Lutheran Cemetery (Lenox)     Cuzzart      

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 Maple Spring Cemetery     Aurora 39.2867N -79.5103W Map
 Maplewood Cemetery     Kingwood 39.4701N -79.6814W Map
 Masontown Cemetery            
 Miller Cemetery     Cuzzart 39.5250N -79.5080W Map
 Miller Cemetery     Kingwood 39.4333N -79.7428W Map
 Montevista Park            
 Mount Israel Cemetery            
 Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Amboy)            
 Mount Moriah Cemetery     Valley Point 39.5764N -79.6369W Map
 Mount Zion Cemetery (Masontown)            
 Mount Zion Cemetery (Marquess)            
 Mountain View Cemetery            

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 Nazareth Cemetery     Fellowsville 39.3208N -79.7622W Map
 Old Brick Church Cemetery (a.k.a. Frankhouser Cemetery) Click Here   Brandonville 39.6545N -79.5753W Map
 Old Orphans Cemetery (a.k.a. Snyders Cemetery) - (non-WVCPA site)            
 Old Sandy Church Cemetery            
 Orr Cemetery            

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 Parnell Cemetery   Pleasant Cuzzart 39.5989N -79.5683W Map
 Pine Grove Cemetery            
 Pisgah Cemetery            
 Pleasant Grove Cemetery   Grant Brandonville 39.6942N -79.5614W Map
 Pratt Cemetery   Lyon Newburg 39.4156N -79.8233W Map
 Preston Memorial Gardens            
 Protzman Cemetery
     (a.k.a. Harned or Forman Cemetery - poss. Graham?)
 Red Oak Cemetery     Fellowsville 39.3222N -79.7558W Map
 Red Rock Cemetery            
 Reedsville Cemetery            
 Ridgway Cemetery (near Sinclair) Click Here   Colebank 39.2413N -79.8333W Map
 Riverview Cemetery     Rowlesburg 39.3417N -79.6714W Map
 Rodeheaver Chapel Cemetery (a.k.a. Wesley Chapel Cemetery) Click Here   Portland 39.5412N -79.6033W Map

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 Saint Peters Lutheran Cemetery     Bruceton Mills      
 Sanders Cemetery     Rowlesburg 39.3517N -79.7075W Map
 Sandy Creek Cemetery            
 Scotch Hill Cemetery            
 Selders-Worting Cemetery     Aurora      
 Shady Grove Cemetery            
 Shady Grove Cemetery (Brandonville)            
 Shady Grove Cemetery (Bruceton Mills)            
 Shaw Cemetery     Reno      
 Shays Chapel Cemetery (Newburg)            
 Sisler Cemetery   Pleasant Sang Run 39.6080N -79.4939W Map
 St. Joseph's Cemetery (Howesville) - (non-WVCPA site)     Rowlesburg 39.3518N -79.7071W Map
 Sunset Memorial Gardens            

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 Teets Cemetery     Brandonville 39.7103N -79.5228W Map
 Terra Alta Cemetery            
 Union Cemetery     Brandonville 39.6739N -79.5961W Map
 Union Cemetery   Lyon Newburg 39.4119N -79.8625W Map

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 Watkins Cemetery   Reno Rowlesburg 39.3283N -79.7100W Map
 Webbs Chapel Cemetery            
 Wesley Chapel Cemetery (a.k.a. Rodeheaver Chapel Cemetery) In Progress   Portland 39.5412N -79.6033W Map
 West Cemetery   Reno Kingwood 39.3853N -79.7408W Map
 Wilson Cemetery   Portland Kingwood 39.4380N -79.6650W Map
 Worting Chapel Cemetery (Amboy)            
 Yorks Run Church Cemetery     Fellowsville 39.3488N -79.8328W Map

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