Historic Churches:

Putnam County

This is a list of identified churches by name, latitude and longitude, and USGS quad map location. Additional history information and photographs may also be provided, as the data is gathered, and will be hyper linked alongside the name of each church.  If you know of web sites dedicated to the history of one of the churches in this county, we will be happy to link to them here.  Additions or corrections to this database are welcomed and encouraged. 

The photos linked to here are copyrighted in their entirety by the person who photographed the church.  They are not owned by WVCPA, unless specifically stated on the individual page or photograph,  and therefore WVCPA may not give permission for their reprinting.  It would be in our best interest to warn you that using any portion of these photos for any purpose is considered an infringement of the copyright and prosecutable under law, unless appropriate permission has been granted by the owner of the material.

Church Name:


USGS Quad:  Latitude: Longitude: 
Adda Church   Winfield 38.501N 81.992W
Barnett Community Chapel   Elmwood 38.630N 81.798W
Bethel Church   Hurricane 38.468N 82.033W
Big Creek Church   Hamlin 38.294N 82.020W
Bowles Ridge Church   Bancroft 38.606N 81.816W
Buffalo Presbyterian Church   Winfield 38.618N 81.980W
Catholic Church of the Ascension   Scott Depot 38.439N 81.999W
Center Point Church   Bancroft 38.581N 81.767W
Charley Creek Church   Hurricane 38.384N 82.032W
Cross Creek Church   Winfield 38.603N 81.956W
Dunlap Chapel   Winfield 38.596N 81.903W
Evergreen Church   Mount Olive 38.591N 82.036W
First Baptist Church of Eleanor   Winfield 38.538N 81.934W
First Baptist Church of Hurricane   Hurricane 38.430N 82.028W
First Church of the Nazarene   Hurricane 38.431N 82.023W
Five And Twenty Mile Church   Mount Olive 38.531N 82.034W
Forrest Burdette United Methodist   Hurricane 38.433N 82.021W
Glad Tidings Assembly of God   Hurricane 38.432N 82.014W
Good Hope Church   Garretts Bend 38.311N 81.965W
Good Shepherd Southern Baptist   Scott Depot 38.449N 81.911W
Grandview Church   Bancroft 38.593N 81.855W
Hurricane Evangelical Free Church   Hurricane 38.422N 82.046W
Johnstons Church   Scott Depot 38.440N 81.944W
Judson Church In Progress Saint Albans 38.469N 81.865W
Laywell Church   Hamlin 38.370N 82.025W
Lone Oak Church   Bancroft 38.556N 81.870W
Manila Chapel In Progress Robertsburg 38.659N 81.901W
Mount Moriah Church   Garretts Bend 38.336N 81.974W
Mount Olive Church   Scott Depot 38.376N 81.987W
Mount Salem Church   Scott Depot 38.410N 81.969W
Mount Vernon Church   Scott Depot 38.454N 81.942W
Mount Zion Church   Garretts Bend 38.297N 81.993W
Mount Zion Church In Progress Elmwood 38.663N 81.783W
New Antioch Church   Bancroft 38.565N 81.813W
New Hope Church   Robertsburg 38.648N 81.913W
New Moss Chapel   Elmwood 38.681N 81.754W
Oak Ridge Church   Winfield 38.521N 81.958W
Otter Branch Church   Winfield 38.623N 81.937W
Our Savior Bible Center   Hurricane 38.420N 82.031W
Pentecostal Church of Christ   Scott Depot 38.459N 81.980W
Peoples Baptist Church   Scott Depot 38.446N 81.939W
Pine Grove Church   Scott Depot 38.453N 81.891W
Pleasant Grove Church   Bancroft 38.505N 81.801W
Pleasant View Church   Scott Depot 38.399N 81.924W
Pliny Church   Winfield 38.623N 81.987W
Poca Baptist Church   Saint Albans 38.473N 81.812W
Providence Church   Garretts Bend 38.306N 81.963W
Providence Church   Scott Depot 38.484N 81.889W
Putnam Christian Church   Scott Depot 38.450N 81.904W
Riverside Church   Winfield 38.546N 81.883W
Saint Timothy in the Valley E...   Scott Depot 38.438N 81.999W
Shiloh Church   Winfield 38.580N 81.906W
Spring Creek Church   Scott Depot 38.474N 81.990W
Sycamore Church   Hamlin 38.358N 82.023W
Teays Valley Chapel   Scott Depot 38.449N 81.924W
Teays Valley Missionary Baptist   Hurricane 38.430N 82.019W
Turkey Branch Church   Robertsburg 38.630N 81.886W
Wade Chapel   Bancroft 38.568N 81.834W
Walker Chapel In Progress Elmwood 38.655N 81.852W
Winfield Church of Christ   Bancroft 38.535N 81.872W
Youngs Chapel   Garretts Bend 38.363N 81.932W


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