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County: Mason
USGS Quad: Beech Hill
Coordinates: 38.????N  -81.????W
Maintained by: unknown
Land owner: unknown
Date added to WVCPA register: December 2007
Condition of cemetery**: Unknown (December 2007)
Accessibility: The cemetery is located on Oak Ridge above Lower Five Mile road in Arbuckle District. Not easily accessible.

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned


Last Name: First Name:






Abbott Elizabeth McGuire   1889 [Mother of Rebecca Abbott Newell]    
Abbott William   14 April 1901 [Husband of Elizabeth McGuire Abbott]    
Hoplite Clifford Basil 20 November 1912 4 June 1914 [Son of Frank and Virgie Simpkins Hoplite]    
Hughes Emma Litchfield     [Dau. of Frank and Mary Litchfield, wife of Marvin Hughes]    
Hughes Infant   15 October 1924 [Infant child of Marvin and Emma Litchfield Hughes]    
Litchfield [child]     [Child of William and Sadie Litchfield]    
Litchfield [child]     [Child of William and Sadie Litchfield]    
Litchfield Charlie   ca. 1921      
Litchfield Frank   ca. 1940      
Litchfield Jane Ann Abbott 1842 1922 [Dau. of Wm. and Elizabeth McGuire Abbott, wife of Charlie Litchfield]    
Litchfield Jerry Lee 4 December 1937 4 December 1937      
Litchfield Nora A. Spears   2 May 1922 [Wife of Laurence Litchfield]    
Litchfield Orville   1900 [Son of Frank and Mary Hoplite Litchfield]    
Litchfield Raymond   28 December 1899 [Son of Frank and Mary Hoplite Litchfield]    
Litchfield William   17 February 1904      
Malcolm Infant     [Infant child of Duddley and Anna Malcomb - only tombstone identifiable in the cemetery]    
Newell John Wesley 20 October 1850 5 February 1931 [Husband of Rebecca E. Abbott Newell, son of Elijah and Sarah Morriston Newell]    
Newell Rebecca E. Abbott 17 February 1848 September 1888 [First burial in this cemetery]   Source: WVCPA contributor and family researcher
Newell R.W. 21 May 1886 21 May 1886 [Infant son of John and Rebecca Newell]    
Newell William Franklin 11 May 1881 17 July 1901      
Sands Sandra     [Infant dau. of John and Jane Eads Sands]    
Simpkins Dora A. Newell 2 October 1873 7 January 1899 [Wife of Charlie Simpkins, dau. of John and Rebecca Newell]    
Simpkins Edward 19 November 1919 23 November 1919 [Son of Edward and Iva Litchfield Simpkins]    
Simpkins Freda Imogene 26 January 1923 2 December 1923 [Dau. of Edward and Iva Litchfield Simpkins]    
Simpkins Infant 25 February 1922 27 February 1922 [Infant child of Roy and Ivy Simpkins]    
Simpkins John 7 April 1892 July 1892 [Infant son of Charlie and Dora Simpkins]    
Simpkins Mammie 24 July 1934 24 July 1934 [Twin dau. of Roy and Ivy Simpkins]    
Simpkins Sarah Jane Newell 15 December 1871 19 September 1909 [Dau. of John and Rebecca Newell, wife of Robert Simpkins]    
Simpkins? Tim Payton     [Twin]    
Simpkins Velma 14 August 1918   [Twin dau. of Roy and Ivy Killingsworth Simpkins]    
Wamsley Delpha 6 September 1922 11 October 1922 [Infant dau. of Henry L. and Esta Litchfield Hughes]    


Comments: Dates in Red above are not inscribed on the tombstone and have either been calculated based on death date or are as a result of research on the individual.

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