Eagle Scout Project
researcher: James Blood
Boy Scout Troop 10, Buckskin Council

The following documentation of recent burials in several Putnam County cemeteries, done as an independent Eagle Scout project by James Blood of Boy Scout Troop 10 of the Buckskin Council, was not done in affiliation with the West Virginia Cemetery Preservation Association (WVCPA), but has been posted here as a courtesy to him in acknowledgement of his efforts to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. The information provided has not been verified by WVCPA, but is assumed to be reliable in nature.  Typographical errors may be present and, if found, should be brought to the attention of the web master at for correction to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate data. WVCPA will not post any additional information on this page, other than that which has been provided directly by Mr. Blood. If you have additional information that you would like to provide regarding these cemeteries and those buried in them, WVCPA will gladly receive such information for publishing on that organization's web site by emailing the web master at the address above. WVCPA thanks Mr. Walt Lovett for coordinating the presentation of this information.

The cemetery updates are listed in alphabetical order and may be quickly scrolled to on this page by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Center Point Church Cemetery     ***    Grandview Cemetery    ***    Haven of Rest Cemetery    ***    McWhorter & Wallace Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery    ***    Staten Chapel Cemetery    ***    Valley View Cemetery    ***    Winfield Cemetery

Note: when two names share a row of text, that is an indication that those individuals also share a tombstone

Center Point located on Rt 34 North Red House Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

Asbury   Eva M b.1897 d.1985 married G Lawrence

Asbury Merdith E b.1925 d.2006

Bailey Rev Doug b.11/30/1900 d.02/20/1982 married Lillie B b. 08/11/1902 d.08/14/1981

Bailey William Silas b.02/17/1920 d.11/16/1989

Baker Arthur Ray b.08/23/1977 d.05/04/2006

Beller Nina L b.01/07/1940 d.08/26/2004

Boggess Charlotte R b.08/13/1959 d.04/07/1995 married Darrell C

Boggess Clara M b.03/6/1904 d.11/03/1989 married Hollis W

Boggess Millard D b.1900 d.1986 married Murriel C

Boggess Rose Myree b.4/15/1938 d.6/5/2002 married Millard Carroll

Boggess Wardie b.02/17/1903 d.06/23/1992

Boice Alma E. b.07/27/1905 d.07/08/2001

Buchanan Mona F b.10/07/1917 d.10/05/1996

Bush James Edward b.1953 d.1981 married Connie Jean

Cockran Jewell A. b.03/16/1910 d.10/12/2002

Coleman Vada E b.02/22/1908 d.10/29/1985

Conley James O. b.1898 d.1985

Connett Velma Louise b.08/17/1934 d.05/02/1988

Cook Glenna Mae Hartley b.12/22/1928 d.11/14/1988

Curry Norma M b.03/11/1921 d.11/11/1997 married Meredith D b. 07/23/1922 d.05/21/1992

Deal Haven Amos b.04/24/1917 d.4/27/1997

Deweese Bertie b.04/26/1915 d.07/24/1994 married Mary Ann

Eaddy Elizabeth Lynn b.1912 d.1984

Elkin Lorene Boggess b.1928 d.2002

Fisher Rhoda b.01/23/1916 d.04/19/1987

Garnes Donald L b.08/12/1926 d.11/21/1991 married Phyllis E.

Gaylor Elizabeth b.1907 d.1982

Glassburn Destie b.07/15/1910 d.09/04/1991

Hall Betty H b.01/31/1927 d.04/22/1995 married Charles Everett b. 02/11/1925 d.10/08/2001

Handley Edna M b.07/08/1914 d.06/08/2000 married A. Russell

Harrison Estel b.03/08/1911 d.05/08/1982 married Elizabeth M. b. 12/13/1913 d.07/06/1996

Harrison Helen H b.11/02/1914 d.09/24/1997

Harrison Marcus b.03/10/1919 d.04/17/1986 married Reta L

Hartwell Franklin E b.04/14/1945 d.05/17/1999

Hayes Carl A b.1924 d.1994 married Myrtle E

Hayes Timothy A b.08/13/1959 d.04/07/1995

Higginbotham Cecil A b.04/05/1905 d.04/11/1981 married Clara E

Hively Ethel M. b.06/18/1933 d.11/09/2006

Hively Glen M. b.08/07/1908 d.09/06/1990

Hively Lina H. b.02/21/1911 d.09/06/1987

Holley ? b.11/25/1892 d.10/06/1986

Holley Dorothy P b.1926 d.2006 married Claude E

Honaker Ophie A b.1904 d.1980 married Lula V b. 1914 d.1991

Hudnall Isabelle H b.01/01/1912 d.06/24/1999

Inghram Sadie B b.07/10/1902 d.10/26/1985

Jenkins Herbert b.02/10/1919 d.06/03/1998

Kessel Norman E b.05/22/1935 d.02/06/1986

Kinser Dianna Jean b.07/22/1945 d.09/03/1996

Kinser Fern I b.1908 d.1985

Kinser Thomas G b.12/30/1940 d.11/02/2006 married Lexene M

Kirk Earl R b.03/22/1923 d.06/27/1987

Lander Keith D b.11/25/1954 d.12/08/2006

Lovejoy Freddie b.1909 d.1982 married Roxie E. b. 1914 d.1987

Lovejoy Irene M b.1917 d.1997 married Rufus E

Moore Mabel Edwards b.04/30/1908 d.05/22/1987

Painter Dessie L b.1905 d.1979 married Barney b. 1900 d.1967

Parkins Bertha b.10/23/1904 d.06/07/2001

Parsons Mildred Gay b.1921 d.1983

Pierce ? b.12/06/1933 d.11/02/2005

Pritt Joann b.10/15/1931 d.05/13/1993

Reed Roy J. Jr. b.11/21/1946 d.12/27/2006

Rhodes Garlet Thomas b.04/19/1923 d.03/26/1991

Rhodes Walter C b.07/11/1935 d.03/29/2002

Richerson ? b.11/01/1963 d.04/10/1997

Rollins Gracie M b.06/20/1908 d.07/01/2000 married James M b. 01/07/1903 d.06/18/1965

Saunders Carl L b.08/20/1932 d.07/22/1988 married Geraldine b. 01/17/1935 d.11/21/1999

Saunders Roy R b.07/02/1911 d.12/03/1990 married Belva M b. 08/11/1911 d.06/01/1987

Scott Ruby E b.1932 d.2003

Shamblin Carvie L b.10/31/1914 d.05/21/1987

Shamblin Garvie L b.10/31/1914 d.05/21/1987

Shiltz Clara O. b.08/15/1916 d.04/30/1989

Sigman Corbet b.1932 d.2006

Sigman Merrell Clay b.01/01/1933 d.02/21/2000

Sigman Ransom J. b.07/10/1902 d.05/03/1981 married Lottie M. b. 12/13/1909 d.1/3/1998

Smith Rev. Okey b.01/18/1909 d.12/30/1986 married Elsie A

Snyder William Lee b.01/18/1976 d.10/02/1995

SoderQuist Kim Ballard b.03/21/1962 d.04/20/1986

Spence Ronal Ray Jr. b.06/23/1957 d.04/29/2006

Stowers Ruth b.05/11/1908 d.05/21/1988

Thornton Beulah M. b.06/21/1935 d.01/25/2001

Thornton Rickie Wayne b.06/20/1970 d.06/28/1987

West Myrtle B b.09/09/1940 d.03/06/2003

Withrow Charles W b.01/18/1929 d.04/07/1985

Witt Berthel Leroy b.09/01/1924 d.01/01/1990 married Garnett Mae

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Grandview Cemetery located Grandview Ridge, Red House  Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

Barnett Freda E. b.1905 d.1992

Bush James Paul b.04/13/1935 d.10/04/1990 Husband of Mary Frances

Casto Almah Ruth b.02/08/1910 d.05/05/1980 Husband of Asbury b.04/14/1907 d.06/19/1996

Casto James Dwight b.06/22/1947 d.09/18/2007

Casto James O b.1933 d.1984 Husband of Ruby

Childer ? b.07/15/1923 d.10/15/1994

Cottrill Erna E b.1900 d.1988

Duncan Emma L. b.02/14/1893 d.10/13/1989

Evans Lacy C. Jr. b.09/14/1917 d.03/22/1980

Harmon Benard Wayne b.11/12/1964 d.03/04/1999

Hill Asa R b.04/21/1904 d.12/23/1986

Hill Ethel Ann b.01/27/1905 d.05/09/1991

Hill Lillian M b.1904 d.1989 Wife of Charles L

Jividen Delphia b.04/16/1896 d.12/31/1987 Wife of Rev Harold b.12/29/1891 d.05/02/1979

Jividen Esther P b.08/24/1925 d.11/02/2002 Wife of Ernest R b.04/30/1921 d.04/22/1999

Jividen Teresa Michele b.11/27/1954 d.12/08/2006

Johnson Dotty L b.1936 d.1995

King John M b.01/22/1920 d.07/18/2006

King John M b.01/22/1920 d.07/18/2006 Husband of Erma L b.01/15/1929 d.08/03/2005

King Malvrie Jewell b.06/08/1933 d.03/07/2000 spouse Clarence Lee b.10/04/1927 d.04/28/1990

King Rusty Chistopher b.03/04/1969 d.07/24/1987

Meadows Sally R b.1917 d.2001

Montague Eva Mae Cline b.08/11/1917 d.10/20/1999

Newman Richard L b.08/07/1938 d.04/18/1995 Husband of Evelyn C

Null Lola E b.04/25/1904 d.01/05/1989 Wife of George

Ray Geraldine Cottrill b.12/15/1924 d.11/27/1996

Ray Samuel Grant b.12/15/1923 d.05/02/1985

Sayre Raymond W b.06/21/1928 d.04/17/2006 Husband of Betty J

Sayre Raymond Wesley b.06/21/1928 d.04/17/2006

Smith Garnett J b.04/17/1918 d.09/25/1983 Husband of Deloris H

Smith Junior Roy Husband of Joan Trador b.07/01/1927 d.12/10/2004 relation? Garrnett J b.04/17/1918 d.09/25/1983

Spaulding Thomas R b.11/20/1947 d.02/17/1993 Married to Jillian Michelle

Stephens N. Lucille b.192? d.200? spouse Paul G b.11/5/1921 d.11/21/2004

Tribble James A b.09/24/1922 d.11/21/1994 Jesse Joe b.11/04/1985 d.09/16/2004

Williams Eunice M. b.07/19/1909 d.12/28/1988 spouse Dewey A. b.08/27/1907 d.11/26/1966

Williams James L. b.12/12/1926 d.01/22/2007 spouse Allene V. b.11/21/1909 d.10/16/1998

Wolfe Eugene I b.12/25/1923 d.11/26/1996

Workman Oden A b.1913 d.2006 Husband of Nellie L

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Haven of Rest Memorial Gardens located on Rt. 62, Red House Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

? Gladys I b.01/01/1927 d.05/14/2003

? Mabel F b.08/29/1920 d.02/21/2009 spouse Glenvile E b.03/02/1920 d.11/02/1987

? Marjorie b.1933 d.1993 spouse Johnny M

? O.D.Harris b.1922 d.1992 spouse Doris C b.1928 d.2000

? Otimer H b.1904 d.1995 spouse Murte Mae b.1909 d.2007

Absten Janet M b.1942 d.1987 spouse E.R. Buck b.1939 d.?

Adams Pauline A b.1911 d.1994 spouse Clayton O b.1902 d.1984

Adkins Dorothy Sharder b.10/28/1927 d.04/11/2004

Adkins Raymond J June b.1942 d.1994 spouse Ruby M b.1938 d.?

Adkins Raymus D b.06/10/1919 d.08/25/1991

Agosti Benny Jack b.05/30/1933 d.04/13/2004 spouse Mary E b.07/09/1937 d.?

Akers Thomas E b.1936 d.1993

Akerwoods Harry b.1916 d.1993 spouse Opal O b.1913 d.2000

Allen E. Frank b.1923 d.2007 spouse Velva M b.1923 d.2007

Allen Ella M b.1906 d.1995 spouse Lawrence R b.1899 d.1973

Allen James R b.1933 d.2008

Allen Ruth M b.1924 d.2008

Amos Bertha B b.1905 d.1990 spouse John Frank b.1905 d.1972

Amos Larry D b.03/22/1947 d.03/15/2004

Anderson Eleanor J b.1951 d.2006 spouse Franklin R b.1949 d.?

Anderson Euna R b.1917 d.2005 spouse Lowell F b.1916 d.1983

Anderson Jonathan Lowell b.04/24/1976 d.08/20/1989

Anderson Virginia J b.1919 d.2005 spouse Leland D b.1915 d.1979

Angell Goldie E b.1910 d.1998 spouse Joe F b.1908 d.1974

Ann Leigh b.09/27/1966 d.4/31/1997

Arthur Arno Lee b.07/12/1957 d.08/02/2002

Arthur Audrey F b.07/06/1929 d.07/02/2002

Arthur Audrey G b.09/28/1931 d.11/11/2002

Arthur Carl W b.1915 d.2008 spouse Ecil M b.1913 d.2000

Arthur Catherine Zabel b.9/27/1897 d.05/31/1999

Arthur Frank D b.1957 d.2005

Arthur George Edsel Sr b.1935 d.1992 spouse Mary Ann b.1936 d.?

Arthur Herman H Sr b.1909 d.1989 spouse Bessie O b.1910 d.1994

Arthur Homer L b.1938 d.2004 spouse Bonnie G b.1939 d.?

Arthur Homer? b.11/16/1938 d.06/05/2004 spouse Bonnie G

Arthur Opal V b.1920 d.1997 spouse Arnold C b.1920 d.1973

Arthur Robert Eugene b.1934 d.1995

Asbury Raymond L b.1924 d.2007 spouse Georgia C b.1928 d.?

Ash Thomas E b.1914 d.2002 spouse Beulah b.1929 d.?

Babcock Kenneth A b.1910 d.1990 spouse Venna M b.1917 d.1976

Bachus Dorence F b.1924 d.2003

Badgley Everett L b.1919 d.1977

Bagley Eliza b.1945 d.1999

Bailey Alice Jean b.04/18/1930 d.10/24/2007

Bailey Alma b.1903 d.1995 spouse Leslie b.1900 d.1975

Bailey Alma J b.1954 d.2003

Bailey Beechie L b.1925 d.1998 spouse Iwynema b.1922 d.1997

Bailey Carl G b.1903 d.1975 spouse Addie Bell b.1903 d.1982

Bailey Carolyn Sue b.1943 d.2001 spouse John S b.1943 d.?

Bailey Dustin W b.1978 d.2000

Bailey G.Braxton b.1918 d.1999 spouse Dorothy E b.1916 d.1992

Bailey Harold L b.1943 d.1999 spouse Linda M b.1947 d.?

Bailey Jerry M b.1962 d.2005

Bailey Naomi Slater b.1906 d.1998 spouse Hobert Andrew b.1905 d.1977

Bailey Patrick H b.12/25/1929 d.09/01/2008

Bailey Racheal H b.1916 d.1989

Bailey Rachel L b.11/17/1928 d.08/05/2007 spouse Harold E b.04/08/1923 d.03/27/1996

Bailey Sanford E b.1919 d.2001 spouse Irene L b.1922 d.2008

Bailey Virginia b.04/26/1927 d.02/29/2008 spouse Kenneth R b.12/17/1923 d.06/25/1985

Ball Charles W b.05/30/1922 d.12/02/2000 spouse Patricia C b.06/16/1937 d.11/05/2003

Ball Dewey A b.1956 d.2002

Barker Josephine A b.1917 d.2008

Barker Samuel J b.1907 d.1990

Barnett Charles Wayne b.02/13/1949 d.05/21/2008

Barnett Kenneth C b.02/28/1923 d.12/18/1969

Barnett Kermit Ray b.12/21/1925 d.11/01/1997 spouse Peggy Killgore b.05/18/1932 d.04/10/1998

Barnett Oshei G b.02/04/1939 d.03/17/2004 spouse Barbara E b.03/05/1940 d.?

Barnett Zelda L b.1935 d.2007 spouse Clifford D b.1932 d.1999

Barr Daniel James b.2002 d.2002

Barr James E b.1914 d.1992 spouse Ola R b.1914 d.1993

Bases Karen b.1999 d.2007

Bayless Gilbert D b.02/11/1935 d.11/22/1991

Bayliss Lorene b.1927 d.1994 spouse Wayne b.1927 d.?

Beach David W b.1981 d.2006

Beauregard Norman J b.1928 d.1994

Bedard Viola Jones b.02/05/1930 d.12/27/1998

Belcher Carl Sr b.1896 d.1969 spouse Neda b.1898 d.1990

Beller Ezra L b.1927 d.1995 spouse Naomi M b.1936 d.?

Bellino John A b.1941 d.1998 spouse Victoria L b.1949 d.?

Bennett W J Bob b.1915 d.1993 spouse Grace F b.1923 d.2001

Bess Delbert M b.1908 d.1991 spouse Letha M b.1912 d.1998

Bishop Marvin E b.05/04/1942 d.12/09/2003

Black Cecilia A b.1933 d.2000 spouse Ralph b.1934 d.?

Blackshire Dana R b.1937 d.1997 spouse Georgette G b.1940 d.?

Blake Dennis L b.1927 d.2004 spouse Mary F b.1930 d.?

Boch Charles b.1957 d.2002

Boch Orilee W b.11/09/1922 d.06/20/2007

Boch Thomas R b.08/06/1915 d.12/16/1995

Boggess Charles H b.1931 d.2002 spouse Alma b.1932 d.?

Boggess Edith M b.07/23/1905 d.06/26/2000 spouse Leroy b.04/08/1904 d.03/03/1977

Boggess James b.1911 d.1995 spouse Gay V b.1912 d.2006

Boggess James R b.1928 d.1996 spouse Neola B b.1927 d.?

Boggs Kelle b.1944 d.2003 spouse Bob b.1939 d.?

Boice James H b.1928 d.1994 spouse Juanitia M b.1935 d.?

Bonnett Mary Jane b.12/19/1915 d.04/12/1991 spouse Howard F b.1907 d.1966

Bonnett Ruth H b.1928 d.2007 spouse Charles D b.1927 d.?

Bonnett Sattis R b.1928 d.2002 spouse Sadie b.1935 d.?

Booth Oran Ross b.1905 d.1990

Booth Ruth Y b.1906 d.2000

Bowling Claude b.1933 d.1998 spouse Ruth b.1939 d.?

Boyles Timothy A b.09/04/1959 d.09/07/1999

Bradford Shelvy J b.08/15/1938 d.09/18/2000 spouse Gene W b.04/24/1937 d.?

Bradley CPL Jackie R b.1932 d.1999 spouse Mary M b.1930 d.2001

Brewer Grace A b.1906 d.1997 spouse Shelton b.1895 d.1978

Brewer James William b.03/24/1927 d.10/10/2000 spouse Rachel Ann b.05/26/1936 d.?

Brewer Woodson W b.1925 d.2005

Brown Jesse W b.1916 d.1995 spouse Agnes b.1921 d.1995

Brown Robert S b.1915 d.2008 spouse Doris Betty b.1923 d.?

Brown William A b.1919 d.1993 spouse Molly b.1922 d.?

Buchanan John R b.1926 d.1994 spouse Ella Joy b.1934 d.1999

Buchanan Margie b.1918 d.2008

Burdette Georgia E b.1928 d.2006

Burgess Hannah b.1929 d.1979

Burgess Karen b.1958 d.2007

Burkhammer Archie Lee b.1915 d.1995 spouse Wilma b.1915 d.1989

Burnside Doris E b.08/08/1950 d.10/17/2003

Burnside Thomas Gene b.03/23/1927 d.05/13/2008 spouse Helen A b.02/09/1930 d.?

Burt Jeffery K b.08/28/1959 d.07/19/2003

Bush ??? b.1917 d.1997 spouse Virginia b.1919 d.1995

Bush Lloyd b.1912 d.1996 spouse Madge b.1915 d.2005

Butler Mark J b.1918 d.1992 spouse Lorena b.1933 d.1989

Byrd Norman Allen b.09/25/1922 d.11/26/1998 spouse Edith Valentine Fowler b.02/14/1923 d.?

Cadwell Turley W b.1911 d.1997 spouse Albenia b.1913 d.?

Cain David A b.11/14/1958 d.07/27/1991

Cain James Edward b.03/11/1994 d.03/12/1994

Cain Paul W b.03/21/1919 d.02/11/1999 spouse Eva Dunn b.08/08/1921 d.?

Callicoat William b.1919 d.2006 spouse Helen R b.1924 d.?

Cantrell Evelyn Scherer b.1916 d.2000

Carney George A Jr b.02/19/1938 d.05/17/1992 spouse Cathrine B b.11/09/1937 d.?

Carney Imogene E b.1918 d.2001

Carney James John b.1916 d.1999 spouse Anna Maxine b.1920 d.1986

Carney Shirley J b.1950 d.2006

Carpenter Cecil E b.1919 d.2004

Carpenter Wanda McGill b.1928 d.2007

Carte Sr James Robert b.1947 d.1996

Carter Myrtle M b.1927 d.1996

Casebolt Edith L b.1918 d.1990 spouse James E b.1900 d.1981

Casto Arthur O b.1922 d.1999 spouse Margaret J b.1929 d.1990

Casto David Anthony b.06/06/1976 d.04/15/1995

Casto Earl M b.1935 d.2002

Casto Elben Gerald b.05/27/1921 d.04/11/1995 spouse Elen McClanahan b.11/27/1925 d.07/31/2005

Casto Erman E b.1913 d.2004 spouse Mary M b.1917 d.1985

Casto Erman Estle b.08/20/1913 d.02/08/2004

Casto Richard E b.09/26/1926 d.07/06/2005 AN US Navy Korea

Casto Roberta M b.05/22/1919 d.05/09/2001 spouse Acil E b.05/21/1908 d.01/30/1968

Casto Vay E b.1912 d.1993 spouse Marvin T b.1903 d.1968

Casto Jr John C b.1978 d.1996

Cavender Charles D b.03/19/1935 d.07/15/1991 SGT US Army

Cavender Wilford C b.06/23/1923 d.08/27/2002 spouse Freda J b.05/19/1926 d.?

Cawley Sr George E b.1913 d.1991 spouse Doris H b.1927 d.2008

Chancey Damon Ray b.07/16/1948 d.05/17/2007

Chancey Jo Ann b.1942 d.2004 spouse Shelby D b.1943 d.?

Chancey Riley b.1898 d.1987 spouse Monna Lee b.1903 d.1985

Chancey Riley Ed b.1930 d.1998 spouse Mary L b.1936 d.?

Chandler Fleary C b.1923 d.2003 spouse Janice L b.1926 d.2005

Chapman Gerald Adrian b.1911 d.2002 spouse Eleanor M b.1913 d.1997

Chapman Robert D b.1960 d.2007

Childers Gary Brian b.1974 d.1999

Christy Basil b.1901 d.1965 spouse Edra A b.1912 d.1997

Christy Bracy b.1906 d.1986 spouse Nannie b.1908 d.2008

Christy Mary E b.1919 d.2003 spouse George A b.1913 d.1972

Christy Oren G b.1903 d.1996 spouse Lena I b.1906 d.1987

Cobb Gladys R b.1927 d.2001

Cobb John D b.1914 d.1994

Cobb Jr Tommy D b.12/30/1962 d.9/9/21994

Cochran Orville Otho b.04/27/1914 d.01/09/1994

Coffey Geneva M b.1928 d.2006 spouse Tully H b.1927 d.?

Coffey John F b.09/26/1917 d.07/28/1983 spouse Arminta A b.07/22/1930 d.06/21/2007

Comb Robert H b.09/06/1930 d.02/18/2009

Conrad Marion B b.1914 d.1991 spouse Reta K b.1909 d.1998

Conway Clayton S b.1905 d.1984 spouse Blanche K b.1914 d.2000

Cook George K b.1931 d.1989

Cook James A Sr b.1924 d.2001 spouse Eurania b.1930 d.1981

Cook Justin Keith b.08/13/1986 d.04/05/2008

Cook Virginia Carol b.02/09/1936 d.12/15/2006

Coon William R b.1922 d.2002 spouse Sarah J b.1925 d.1987

Cooney Mary C b.1925 d.1999

Corfee Leonard H b.1957 d.2001 spouse Gerri L b.1955 d.2006

Corthers James H Sr ? b.1916 d.2008 spouse Josephine L b.1919 d.1988

Cottrill Frank L Sr b.1912 d.1978 spouse Gaynell C b.1920 d.2005

Cowan James B b.05/29/1928 d.07/18/1999

Cowan Pauline R b.1903 d.1993

Cowan Ray A b.1930 d.2007 spouse Shelva J b.1930 d.2007

Cox Leslie b.1915 d.1992 spouse Pearl b.1917 d.2005

Cox Varine b.10/03/1923 d.12/05/2003

Craddock Irene H b.03/16/1918 d.02/23/2000 spouse Lewis Dwight b.01/06/1916 d.03/10/2004

Crago Mildred S b.1920 d.2000 spouse Dewey b.1916 d.2003

Crago Robert P b.1945 d.1998 spouse Geri Crago b.1945 d.?

Craigo Coldie C Casey b.1906 d.1992 spouse Samuel P b.1906 d.1999

Craigo Edsel A b.1926 d.1997

Craigo John S b.1915 d.1991 spouse Evelyn M b.1920 d.?

Craigo Junior C b.1926 d.2000 spouse F.Delores b.1932 d.?

Craigo Martin B Jimmy b.1921 d.2006 spouse Haney F b.1920 d.1997

Craigo Robert W b.1926 d.2000 spouse Delma M b.1936 d.2007

Craigo Ronald E b.1912 d.1990 spouse Ruth R b.1916 d.1978

Crisler Lillian C b.1927 d.2005

Cummings Sheila N b.1958 d.2004

Cunningham Beulah b.03/18/1915 d.05/19/1992

Cunningham William C b.03/02/1921 d.09/06/2000

Cunningham William F b.1920 d.1998 spouse Elise M b.1924 d.1993

Daily William b.1909 d.1993 spouse Margaret I b.1915 d.2001

Darby Richard T b.1930 d.2008 spouse A Dorence b.1934 d.1995

Darby Vern b.1903 d.1971 spouse Minnie b.1908 d.1992

Davis Arrietta M b.1913 d.1998 spouse Rev. James O b.1913 d.1985

Davis Marie b.1929 d.2002 spouse Billie b.1925 d.2002

Davis Marion C b.1937 d.2003 spouse Rosline b.1942 d.?

Davis William lee b.1934 d.2002 spouse Norma Jean b.1935 d.2005

Dawson Shannon b.1974 d.2003

Deal Daniel E b.04/24/1919 d.08/16/2007 spouse Virginia

Deal Jesse Willard b.1916 d.2002

Deal Mary E b.1913 d.1995 spouse Robert W b.1914 d.1978

Dean Dennis b.1938 d.1988 spouse Mary Loe b.1938 d.?

Dean Franklin D b.1939 d.2008 spouse Drema A b.1942 d.1999

Dean Lousie b.1932 d.2000 spouse Edward b.1929 d.?

Deardorff Julia G b.1944 d.1999 spouse Wallace E b.1945 d.?

Demosky Genevieve b.08/24/1911 d.09/26/2003

Dent Alma Ruth b.1931 d.1993

Dewees H Denzel b.1912 d.1996 spouse Dorcas F b.1917 d.1990

Dewees Homer b.1906 d.1993 spouse Loretta M b.1934 d.2001

Deweese Virginia Frankie b.11/08/1942 d.03/25/1992

Dickerson Darrella b.1936 d.2001 spouse Mary S b.1939 d.?

Dixon Charity Jo b.01/18/1986 d.08/11/1999

Dodrill Benson J b.02/15/1917 d.07/01/1994

Dolin Ottis J b.1906 d.1979 spouse Dolores F b.1914 d.2004

Donegan John H Sr b.1910 d.1967 spouse Janice E b.1912 d.1995

Douglas Albert Buster b.1918 d.1986 spouse Ruth M b.1916 d.2005

Dun Charles W b.09/13/1918 d.06/23/1995 spouse Elizabeth F b.04/01/1924 d.05/16/2001

Duncan Lenna M b.1900 d.1995 spouse Brady G b.1898 d.1991

Dunlap Dencil b.1928 d.1985

Easter Jr Henry Clay b.1928 d.2002

Eastwood Verna Dell b.1923 d.1997

Echols George H b.11/25/1910 d.06/09/1977 spouse Mary G b.02/22/1917 d.09/06/1998

Edwards H.F. Frank b.1914 d.2005 spouse Elizabeth M b.1926 d.2001

Ellis Rosa Lee b.1919 d.2002

Facemyre Heather Lynn b.08/14/1970 d.02/09/1995

Famer James A b.05/27/1924 d.09/09/2001

Farley Florence R b.1909 d.1997 spouse Charles E Sr b.1906 d.1973

Farmer Harold b.1912 d.1993 spouse Ella V b.1916 d.2002

Farmer Monrow W b.1909 d.1974 spouse Sadie b.1916 d.2000

Fewell Arlene b.1928 d.2008 spouse Nathan K b.1926 d.?

Fewell Mervin L b.12/07/1922 d.12/14/1987 spouse Patricia A b.06/11/1922 d.03/12/1998

Fisher D.Doyle b.1919 d.2003 spouse Phyllis b.1928 d.?

Fitzgerald Gene E b.06/25/1929 d.11/15/1973 spouse Taxine G b.03/17/1925 d.08/10/2004

Flowers Jr Philip S b.1958 d.2000

Foley Michael J b.02/12/1926 d.09/27/1990

Fore Roger K b.03/14/1961 d.11/05/2006

Fouts Anna Belle b.11/07/1928 d.08/28/2008

Fouts Lewis J b.01/22/1918 d.03/22/1991 PFC US Army WW2

Fowler May Margueritte b.06/10/1926 d.01/19/2008 spouse Charley A b.06/10/1905 d.03/13/1984

Fraker Harlan b.1925 d.2003 spouse Estolean b.1931 d.?

Frame Steve Wayne b.1948 d.2003

Frazier Claude E b.10/17/1925 d.08/29/1996

Freeman Arneld D b.08/10/1938 d.11/16/2007

Gallagher John David b.1963 d.1990

Gallagher Ruth b.1910 d.1997 spouse James b.1909 d.1973

Gatens Sr Joseph M b.1912 d.1989 spouse Norma L b.1913 d.?

Geiger David Lee b.1938 d.2004

Gibbs Marvin R b.1929 d.1999 spouse Virginia M b.? d.?

Gibson Cecil E Sr b.1916 d.1994 spouse Norma C b.1918 d.1998

Gibson Darrell D Sr b.1936 d.2006 spouse Phyllis J b.1939 d.?

Gibson H.A. "Corky" b.09/30/1929 d.01/02/1995

Gibson Harry W b.1912 d.1996 spouse Myrtle V b.1905 d.1997

Gibson Inez Dove b.03/17/1913 d.01/22/1981

Gibson James Luster b.05/15/1906 d.07/31/1994

Gibson June Rosalie b.1935 d.1994 spouse J.R. Dick b.1935 d.1994

Gibson Mark W b.1969 d.2001

Gibson Naomi b.1909 d.2003 spouse Arnie D b.1906 d.1989

Gibson Noel Max b.1930 d.2004 spouse B. Joann

Gibson Robert L Jr b.1926 d.1994 spouse Rosalie b.1928 d.1986

Gillispie Clinton E b.10/27/1931 d.05/10/1996 spouse Lillian M b.03/04/1931 d.?

Gillispie Hollis F b.1930 d.1996 spouse M Francis b.1929 d.2007

Gillispie Oberth H b.1939 d.2000

Gillispie Oscar L b.1936 d.1993 spouse Betty L b.1936 d.2007

Gillspie Markus b.02/02/1939 d.11/18/2003

Gilmore Jr Gerald R b.11/19/1958 d.04/22/2006

Gladfelter Dennis R b.01/11/1951 d.11/27/2008

Goddard Coutney Michelle b.12/16/1999 d.02/22/2001

Goff William Huncy b.1928 d.2006 spouse Virginia Genny b.1932 d.1983

Goldizen Virgil L b.1929 d.1993

Goodwin Nannie W b.1894 d.1984 spouse Carl Albert b.1941 d.1997

Goodwin William Franklin b.05/03/1942 d.12/18/2001

Gordon Zollie O b.1902 d.1994 spouse Evelyn F b.1913 d.2003

Grady Boyd C b.12/15/1917 d.11/23/1997

Graham William L b.1932 d.2008 spouse Edith June b.1931 d.2004

Gratens W.P. Pat b.1918 d.1992

Greenleaf Ernest Laken b.1912 d.2005 spouse Louise Ellen b.1912 d.2005

Greenne Ellis j b.1927 d.1987 spouse Eileen T b.1929 d.1998

Grueser Harold W Sr b.1915 d.1984 spouse Kathryn A b.1916 d.2002

Gupton Sharon A b.1951 d.2006

Guthrie Walter H b.1921 d.1994 spouse Della b.1917 d.1999

Hacket Arthur V b.1906 d.1977 spouse Reba b.1915 d.2002

Hacket Mary Agnes b.1901 d.1989

Hall Donald b.1941 d.1984 spouse Shirley A b.1945 d.2004

Hammack Arlene b.1934 d.1996 spouse Hurbet E b.1933 d.?

Hammack Rebecca Hudson b.12/20/1922 d.10/23/2006 spouse Franklin C (US Army WW2) b.03/29/1918 d.01/16/2001

Hanning Magdalene b.1913 d.1998 spouse Robert A b.1914 d.1998

Hanshaw Keith Allen b.06/23/1946 d.03/24/1998

Hanshaw Mary K b.1926 d.1992 spouse Woodrow E b.1922 d.1975

Harless Charles K b.1935 d.1996 spouse Drema A b.1936 d.2005

Harlow Oliver b.09/10/1929 d.12/14/2003

Harlow Oliver b.1929 d.2003 spouse Radire

Harmon Barbara Kay b.07/18/1959 d.12/30/2003

Harmon Hilda M b.10/07/1918 d.11/12/1992 spouse Rev. Guy S b.11/20/1907 d.07/03/1971

Harmon Linda F b.1938 d.2008 spouse Stephen W Bill b.1937 d.?

Harmon May b.08/20/1908 d.01/22/1998 spouse Bernard A Sr b.01/15/1906 d.08/31/1983

Harper Charles E b.1928 d.1989 spouse Genevieve b.1925 d.?

Harper Emory b.1913 d.1996 spouse Alice b.1919 d.1996

Harper Susan Gail b.1960 d.1994

Harris Anna M b.1919 d.2005 spouse Basil B b.1916 d.1969

Harris Charles B b.1914 d.1988 spouse Lillia M b.1914 d.1987

Harris Dennis L b.1925 d.1989 spouse Norma L b.1929 d.?

Harris Ernest Emerson b.07/28/1914 d.08/09/1992

Harris Norma J b.1919 d.1999 spouse Othal O b.1912 d.1976

Harris Phyllis L b.03/03/1932 d.10/22/1996 spouse Thomas A b.03/08/1917 d.01/31/1994

Harris William A b.1912 d.1990

Harrison Alice b.1896 d.1987

Harrison Charles G b.1915 d.1992

Harrison Emmons O b.1912 d.1991 spouse Geniva E b.1924 d.?

Harrison Gordan b.1915 d.2004 spouse Marguerite E

Harrison Sebert A b.1914 d.1995 spouse Norma L b.1917 d.1997

Harrison Walter b.1910 d.1992 spouse Hester b.1910 d.1994

Harrison Woodrow W b.1912 d.1991 spouse Maxine W b.1928 d.1982

Hash James A Jr b.1929 d.2008 spouse V.Dove b.1931 d.?

Hash Scott A b.10/08/1966 d.06/26/1968

Hash Timothy C b.12/21/1957 d.12/22/1957

Hawley Albert F b.1940 d.1968

Hawley Denver R b.06/11/1907 d.02/09/1995 spouse Myrl b.02/03/1905 d.09/01/1989

Hawley Janys T Jr ? b.02/14/1914 d.09/13/1989 spouse Reba b.05/24/1918 d.05/06/2008

Hawley Macer I b.1916 d.2003 spouse Elmer E b.1915 d.1986

Hawley Paul E b.01/24/1930 d.09/23/2007 spouse Ruth A b.05/14/1936 d.?

Hawley Roy C b.1916 d.1972 spouse Frances E b.1917 d.1996

Haynes Randall L b.1956 d.1997 spouse Deborah K b.1961 d.?

Haynes Woodson C b.1915 d.2001 spouse Ruth I b.1918 d.1990

Hazlett Leo A b.02/13/1927 d.07/26/1988 spouse Doris A b.08/23/1927 d.03/20/2007

Headrick James S b.1909 d.1987 spouse Nita M b.1914 d.1999

Hedrick Donna J b.1936 d.1991

Hedrick Donna Marie b.1940 d.1999 spouse Clarence b.1939 d.?

Hedrick Hilda b.09/20/1913 d.09/20/1994 spouse Clarence B b.01/07/1907 d.12/15/1964

Hedrick Howard W b.1911 d.1996 spouse Nellie M b.1915 d.2000

Hedrick Jane A b.01/22/1961 d.07/21/2007 spouse Gary E b.09/11/1958 d.?

Hedrick Janet M b.1956 d.2002

Hedrick Rosaline L b.1924 d.2007

Hein Crystal E b.1918 d.2004 spouse Joseph b.1921 d.?

Hein Emma L b.1911 d.2006 spouse William R b.1905 d.1987

Helper Linda Jo b.1951 d.2003 spouse David G b.1950 d.?

Henderson Alice Ruth b.1911 d.2004

Herdman Alpha J b.1918 d.1992

Herdwin Melvin G b.1936 d.1999 spouse Hazel R b.1936 d.?

Hhughes James Letcher b.03/18/1928 d.08/24/2004

Hicks Mary L b.1945 d.2007 spouse James C b.1943 d.?

Higginbotham Daisy B b.1911 d.1996

Higginbotham Denver b.1942 d.2006

Higginbotham James L b.07/30/1931 d.02/08/1995 spouse Othena b.06/30/1933 d.?

Higginbotham Leff E b.1920 d.1989 spouse Phyllis b.1920 d.1979

Higginbotham Matthew W b.7/12/19?2 d.01/19/1996

Higginbotham Owen b.1945 d.2001 spouse Annettes b.1947 d.?

Higginbotham Willadean b.03/22/1929 d.07/27/2006 spouse Robert b.01/17/1928 d.?

Higginbotham Cortis b.1907 d.1990 spouse Virgie E b.1908 d.1993

Hill Bessie A b.12/07/1931 d.09/06/2005

Hill Robert L b.1934 d.2004

Hill Susan Diane b.01/31/1952 d.09/30/2008

Hinkelman Johnie b.1918 d.2008 spouse Roland R b.1925 d.1998

Hinkle Ellen Eileen b.1931 d.2008

Hinkle Wallace B b.1909 d.1992 spouse Lela I b.1912 d.2009

Hively Ernest E b.1931 d.2001 spouse Myra J b.1937 d.2008

Hoffman Basil G b.02/16/1925 d.05/01/1973 spouse Jewell b.04/02/1932 d.05/28/2004

Holston Richard L b.1933 d.2006 spouse Barbara J b.1933 d.?

Honaker Cecil C Jr b.1936 d.2003 spouse Elia L b.1948 d.1999

Honaker Dayton L b.1907 d.1995 spouse Ruth b.1909 d.1994

Hood Alvalee b.03/15/1917 d.06/15/1992

Hood Edward Keith b.08/27/1958 d.03/24/2008

Hood Jeffrey S b.03/05/1962 d.09/11/2008 spouse Brenda S b.12/21/1952 d.05/25/2007

Hood Keneth E SR b.11/09/1932 d.10/07/2004

Hoover James W b.01/20/1924 d.07/16/1999

Hoover Louise b.06/02/1943 d.11/12/2000

Hortinsh E.D.Angel b.1978 d.2007

Howell Robert A b.07/13/1923 d.04/15/2002 spouse Martha b.6/?/1925 d.10/21/2003

Hudson Myrvin M b.12/23/1896 d.02/28/1980 spouse Lillian Virginia b.02/24/1917 d.03/31/1991

Hudson Patsy M b.1913 d.2008

Hudson Robert M b.1928 d.1989

Huey John R Sr b.1922 d.2000 spouse Mary E b.1924 d.2001

Hughes Gerald Patrick b.1934 d.1993

Hughes Ruby Gaye b.1939 d.2007

Hughes Russell Alan b.11/29/1972 d.05/27/1995

Hull John b.1925 d.1989 spouse Edith Honard b.1927 d.?

Hull William H b.11/02/1927 d.05/29/1978 spouse Louise b.1931 d.2000

Hutcheson Vera M b.1917 d.1992

Inghram Lavania W b.1913 d.2004

Inghram Victor R b.1933 d.2001

Jackson Paul S b.1916 d.2004 spouse Barbara b.1921 d.?

James Arthur b.1908 d.1987 spouse Gladys b.1913 d.2000

Janey Deputy Jonathan D b.03/02/1957 d.08/17/1989

Janey Jacob b.1893 d.1957 spouse Bertha M b.1895 d.1995

Jarrel Micheal W b.1982 d.1990

Jarrett Donald R b.08/08/1929 d.06/29/2006 spouse Lena L b.09/04/1932 d.06/21/2003

Jarrett Donald Ray b.08/08/1929 d.06/29/2006

Jeffries Dwight Keith b.1945 d.1996 spouse Nacy Irene b.1934 d.?

Jeffries Laura E b.02/03/1919 d.11/06/2006

Jeffries Terry L b.1952 d.2008 Airborne

Jeffries Wilma M b.1914 d.2002

Jeffries Jr Harold R b.1943 d.2002

Jenkins Mary b.1926 d.1999

Jividen Arnold B b.1907 d.1990 spouse Addie L b.1910 d.2006

Jividen Delmar Lloyd b.01/13/1944 d.08/21/1997 spouse Mary Louise b.06/22/1945 d.?

Jividen Robert H b.1962 d.2005

Jividen Sandra K b.10/23/1943 d.12/03/1994 spouse George E b.06/05/1946 d.?

Johnson Arthur b.1930 d.2004

Johnson Janet L b.1962 d.2005 spouse William D b.1962 d.?

Johnson Julian S b.1922 d.2002 spouse McGonna I b.1927 d.1974

Johnson W M Cecil b.1916 d.1980 spouse Janealine b.1920 d.1986

Johnston Yvonne M b.1939 d.2000 spouse Jack E b.1936 d.?

Jones Anna M b.1929 d.1998 spouse Clarence b.1927 d.?

Jones Chancy b.10/07/1913 d.06/06/1997 spouse Ruth

Jones Walter E b.05/14/1923 d.09/14/1999 spouse Ellen F b.11/23/1923 d.?

Jordan Marvin T b.1918 d.1987 spouse Ruby F b.1924 d.2005

Jordan Robert A b.1941 d.2008 spouse Margie G b.1939 d.?

Karnes Charles Daniel b.06/04/1963 d.10/04/2005

Keeling Paul F b.1929 d.2003 spouse Kathleen J b.1929 d.?

Kelley Howard F b.04/10/1931 d.03/12/2004

Kelley Jerry K b.1948 d.2007 spouse Joyce b.1949 d.?

Kelley Rev. Raymond b.1900 d.1991 spouse Mollie I b.1899 d.1983

Kersey Kenneth R b.08/12/1939 d.06/30/2000 spouse Ruth E b.11/13/1949 d.?

Kersey Ruby J b.1919 d.2009 spouse C.Herschel b.1916 d.1984

Kessell Doris b.1930 d.1998 spouse Robert b.1925 d.?

Kessler Paul B b.1966 d.1985 spouse Maude C b.1908 d.1990

Killgore Grace M b.1905 d.1990 spouse Fred F

Killgore Ray C b.1941 d.1992 spouse Ellen M b.1956 d.?

Killgore William F "Jim" b.1923 d.1989 spouse Mary A b.1925 d.?

King Argus b.10/01/1917 d.04/15/1966

King Charles H b.1920 d.2006 spouse Goldie b.1921 d.2000

King Freda b.03/04/1919 d.10/19/1999

King Garnett L b.02/17/1910 d.09/26/1990 spouse Mason b.04/24/1907 d.05/18/1983

King Harry R b.1918 d.2002 spouse Eva E b.1924 d.1997

King Nacy b.1914 d.2003 spouse Roy b.1928 d.?

King Terry S b.1949 d.2004 spouse Huston R b.1944 d.2004

Kingbury John W b.1908 d.1994 spouse I Evelyn b.1912 d.1998

Kirk Kenneth E b.1919 d.1992

Kirk Marion Roush b.1926 d.1992

Klass Candelaria C b.02/02/1915 d.08/02/2007 spouse George H Klass b.07/16/1917 d.11/30/1994

Kneling Bobby L b.1934 d.2003

Knell Elmer Eugene b.08/02/1982 d.09/09/2001 spouse Betty Jane b.1925 d.?

Kyle Charles b.03/24/1958 d.05/26/2008

Landers Arthur V b.1905 d.1987 spouse Hilda Bailey b.1912 d.1994

Landers Chester G b.02/07/1922 d.08/28/2000 spouse Betty V b.05/21/1930 d.?

Landers Francis m b.1902 d.1990 spouse Zelma Ruth b.1905 d.1987

Landers James Darold b.1916 d.2002 spouse Myrtle V b.1918 d.2004

Landers John L b.1933 d.2000 spouse Ruth A b.1938 d.?

Landers Kenneth E b.05/14/1938 d.02/03/2000 spouse Nell J b.05/17/1944 d.?

Lanham J.E. Jim b.1931 d.1988 spouse Ruth Spears b.1931 d.?

Lanham John Dewey b.1942 d.2001

Lanham Larry A b.04/14/1942 d.10/03/2001

Lanham Micheal Allen b.1947 d.1997

Lanham Timothy E b.1951 d.1998 spouse Shella D b.1953 d.?

Lanier Lenora b.1922 d.1998 spouse Millard b.1912 d.1971

Larue Orland T b.1904 d.1993 spouse Irene Ohlinger b.1909 d.1983

Laton Mytle b.06/25/1928 d.12/07/1995 spouse James Franklin b.07/22/1925 d.12/07/1985

Laton Walter A b.07/01/1947 d.08/01/1992

Lawhorn Julie Gay b.08/08/1959 d.05/24/1984

Layton N.Louise b.1916 d.2001 spouse Albert L b.1903 d.1991

Lazartic Louis J b.07/07/1923 d.06/29/2006 spouse Wilma A b.08/28/1926 d.?

Leach Charles M b.1911 d.1994

Lees William C b.1936 d.1999 spouse Patricia A b.1935 d.1996

Legg Cora Lea b.03/25/1951 d.09/14/2006

Legg Earl W b.1912 d.1995 spouse Maggie b.1913 d.1990

Legg Sibyl M b.1918 d.2006 spouse Rev. James b.1916 d.?

Legg Vertile F b.1907 d.1970 spouse Edna B b.1915 d.2001

Leighton Sharon Craigo b.1949 d.1998

LeMaster Denver T b.1930 d.1995 spouse Evelyn b.1930 d.2007

Lett Dorothy E b.05/06/1938 d.08/25/2002

Lett Erica b.1912 d.1989 spouse Gladys b.1918 d.1986

Lett Lynden L b.05/05/1943 d.12/29/2007 spouse Phyllis b.06/18/1956 d.?

Lett Opal P b.1918 d.1999 spouse Woodrow T b.1914 d.1972

Lett Roger D b.1946 d.1987 spouse Vivian b.1915 d.1997

Lett W.David b.1914 d.1999 spouse R.Avalee b.1916 d.2003

Lewis G.T. b.1921 d.1996 spouse Louise b.1926 d.1996

Lewis Theda F b.01/15/1927 d.04/08/1997

Liptrap Audrey C b.06/08/1925 d.11/27/1989 spouse Richard T b.06/25/1922 d.01/11/2002

Logue Elmer A b.06/08/1907 d.06/20/1996

Loudermilk Calvin Ray b.1937 d.2005 spouse Minnie b.1936 d.1997

Lovejoy Chester Lee 2 b.1966 d.2006

Lovejoy Clarence e b.1912 d.1992 spouse Nannie A

Lovejoy Larry Alma b.10/13/1981 d.07/08/1995

Lovejoy Romie E b.1906 d.? spouse Mary C b.1910 d.1996

Lovejoy Sherman T b.1904 d.1972 spouse Effie N b.1909 d.1994

Lovern Bessie M b.1920 d.2009

Lucas Charles E b.1927 d.1986

Lucas Evelyn Louise b.02/25/1945 d.09/08/2006

Lucas Leroy B b.04/10/1927 d.12/24/2001 spouse Bella Mae b.09/14/1935 d.?

Luther David M b.09/24/1924 d.08/16/2005 spouse Joan C b.06/28/1956 d.?

Lyons James C b.1914 d.1995 spouse Ruth Anna b.1920 d.1990

Maethonton Harley Elizabeth b.07/29/2005 d.03/08/2008

Majors Bill b.1931 d.1994 spouse Ruby M b.1935 d.?

Marshall Ted R b.1912 d.2002 spouse Bess S b.1913 d.1973

Martin Edrie b.1928 d.1997 spouse Robert E b.1924 d.?

Massey Robert E b.07/25/1925 d.09/09/1994

Mathews Sierra A b.1990 d.1998

Mattea John Joseph b.1920 d.2003 spouse Ruth Ann b.1921 d.2005

Mays Albert V b.1918 d.2006 spouse Hattie b.1928 d.?

Mays Deborah Wood b.1951 d.2000 spouse Jennifer Dawn b.1980 d.2000

McBayer Luther Jr b.1931 d.2004 spouse Virginia M b.1931 d.?

McCallister Denny b.1948 d.1993 spouse Kay b.1947 d.?

McCallister Thomas H b.1935 d.2001 spouse Toby H b.1924 d.?

McClanahan Arnie E b.1913 d.1988 spouse Frances E b.1915 d.1990

McClanahan Attison b.1915 d.2003 spouse Louvella b.1917 d.2003

McClanahan Harold C b.01/06/1928 d.06/21/2005

McClanahan J J b.1922 d.2007 spouse Peggy A b.1930 d.?

McClanahan Jackie Ray b.12/13/1959 d.08/30/1982

McClanahan John W b.1923 d.1991 spouse Ernie

McClanahan Loretta b.1924 d.2002 spouse Iva J Sr b.1917 d.1979

McClanahan Martha A b.07/22/1947 d.10/21/2008

McClanahan Roy F b.06/14/1944 d.09/07/2005

McClanahan Vincent b.1929 d.1990

McClanahan Virginia M b.1920 d.2006

McClanahan William A b.09/07/1917 d.09/02/1991 spouse Emogene V b.09/03/1921 d.?

McClanahan William G b.03/07/1944 d.06/22/2005

McClanahan Wilma C b.1919 d.1993

McClanahan Zachary W b.03/29/1995 d.03/31/1995

McCoy Craig T b.02/11/1969 d.03/21/2007

McCutcheon Lemon David b.1929 d.1992

McEndree Gary Lee b.1938 d.2000 spouse Glenna A Lou b.1941 d.?

McGill Clarence Harold b. 11/19/1913 d.08/31/1978

McGreaw Homer Harold b.01/24/1921 d.02/20/1989 spouse Elsie Cartwright b.07/23/1922 d.03/17/2005

McGrew William F Sr b.1927 d.2001 spouse Betty J b.1931 d.1991

McKineely Avale H b.1929 d.2002

McKineely Charles D b.02/02/1923 d.06/29/1992 PFC US Army WW2

McKinney Mildred L b.1924 d.2001

McLaughlin Everett N b.08/24/1937 d.07/18/2006

McNeil Claribel b.1919 d.2003 spouse Donald E Sr b.1918 d.?

McPherson Jerry Lowell b.12/22/1967 d.11/23/2006

McVay Jr Ross W b.09/17/1945 d.11/04/2008

Meadows Dale E b.1943 d.2003 spouse Sue b.1944 d.?

Meadows Denver R b.1925 d.1994 spouse Erna Mae b.1923 d.2003

Meadows Dorothy L b.1931 d.2008

Meadows Ruth E b.1964 d.1999

Medford Theresa Karnes b.1934 d.1996 spouse Bily Earl b.1933 d.?

Meeks Jean Marie b.1955 d.2004

Melton Staney C b.10/24/1930 d.10/15/2001 spouse Theresa J b.08/20/1933 d.?

Mendenhall Floyd W b.1906 d.1971 spouse Olive V b.1905 d.1991

Milam Thomas M b.1924 d.2003 spouse Helena M b.1927 d.?

Milbee Joan A b.1936 d.1994 spouse Maxwell E Sr b.1930 d.1980

Milbee Velma K b.11/14/1922 d.10/23/2008 spouse William R b.03/15/1921 d.12/31/1974

Miller ??eltis Buck b.1913 d.1996

Miller Corbert b.10/23/1922 d.05/06/1987

Miller Danny Ray b.08/08/1958 d.06/06/2000

Miller Dorothy A b.1938 d.1993 spouse John E b.1935 d.?

Miller Edward W b.1909 d.1990 spouse Virginia b.1905 d.1996

Miller Jack L b.1928 d.2004 spouse Loretta M b.1932 d.2001

Miller Jean L b.1943 d.2004

Miller Joseph Robert b.11/24/1931 d.05/09/2004

Miller Paul E b.1917 d.1993 spouse Marguerite F b.1920 d.2005

Miller Wanda Goodwin b.1923 d.200? spouse Roma Hershel b.1923 d.?

Minor Anna L b.1907 d.1990

Moore L Keith b.1946 d.2003 spouse Rita J b.1948 d.?

Morrison Rev. Albert O b.1932 d.1997

Morton Norvil U b.1912 d.2003 spouse Virgie P b.1918 d.?

Muck John b.1927 d.2009 spouse Jean b.1931 d.2004

Neal Stephen Jeffry b.01/11/1952 d.06/26/2005

Nelson Edna Jane b.1925 d.2004

Nicholson Gerald B b.1899 d.1985 spouse Wilma H Lett b.1902 d.1988

Noffsinger David Rex b.04/14/1910 d.04/25/2001

Noffsinger Eugene R b.1939 d.2005 spouse Pearlie b.1938 d.1983

Noffsinger Harvey b.09/08/1925 d.06/18/2008 spouse Muriel b.09/22/1926 d.?

Noffsinger J D Bob b.1909 d.1990 spouse Irma J b.1907 d.1990

Noffsinger James L b.07/28/1932 d.03/29/2004 spouse June C b.03/12/1936 d.?

Noffsinger Vanessa L b.09/08/1925 d.08/18/2008 spouse Muriel b.09/22/1926 d.?

Noffsinger Virgil Dalton Sr b.06/28/1915 d.07/15/2003 spouse Margaret Virginia

Noffsinger William H b.1923 d.2005 spouse Margaret F b.1933 d.2003

Novakoski Edward J b.1977 d.2003

Null Boyd F b.1915 d.1998 spouse Leoda Ruth b.1928 d.1997

Null Della M b.1912 d.2008 spouse Marion S b.1899 d.1976

Null Eugene b.1924 d.2007 spouse Beulah b.1926 d.2007

Null Max E b.1931 d.1993

Null Ralph L b.1924 d.1996 spouse Eunice M b.1926 d.2007

Null Ruth E b.1914 d.2005 spouse Leonard O b.1897 d.1983

Oaks Bernice I b.1932 d.1995

Oliver Cathy Lynn b.04/13/1962 d.12/05/2000

Ord Charles b.1921 d.1989 spouse Juanita b.1924 d.1992

Ord Edward L b.1948 d.1995 spouse Eliose L b.1950 d.?

Osborne Ethel B b.11/13/1912 d.4/30/19494 spouse Dallas b.05/17/1907 d.01/22/1982

Painter Charles J b.1927 d.2008 spouse Racheal

Painter Helen L b.1929 d.2003 spouse Otis O b.1923 d.1972

Painter Megan Cloe b.10/05/1991 d.06/12/1992

Painter Michael O b.04/12/1950 d.11/14/1971

Painter Sharon Hull b.1953 d.2002

Parker Linda K b.1954 d.2003

Parkins Charles B b.1916 d.2000 spouse Rosalie R b.1926 d.2003

Patton Cameron Seth b.10/30/2003 d.01/26/2004

Patton Richard J b.07/29/1925 d.05/15/1991

Pauley Robert E b.07/09/1940 d.05/26/2007

Payne Lon Roger b.12/25/1946 d.03/09/2008

Payne Ruth Barr b.1915 d.2007

Payne Shella Annette b.06/16/1967 d.08/19/1991

Payne Sherry Ann b.11/18/1946 d.01/22/2009

Pennington Homer A b.1905 d.1986 spouse Nina E b.1993 d.?

Perry Arden L Jr b.1971 d.1997

Perry Juantia b.05/17/1924 d.09/12/1993

Perry Robert R b.1936 d.1996 spouse L Baunita b.1937 d.?

Persinger Arnie b.1924 d.1997 spouse Wanda B b.1922 d.?

Persinger Christine C b.1930 d.1995

Persinger Delories A b.12/25/1941 d.? spouse Dalmes G b.09/10/1942 d.?

Persinger Glendon F b.1921 d.1987 spouse Lola E b.1922 d.2003

Persinger Hazel A b.1904 d.2002

Persinger Helena G b.1917 d.1997

Persinger James b.03/03/1903 d.01/12/1993

Persinger James Robert b.08/12/1932 d.09/18/1994

Persinger Janet G b.1946 d.2007 spouse Richard b.1945 d.?

Persinger John A b.1951 d.1997

Persinger John A Sr b.1919 d.1994 spouse Elise b.1922 d.1985

Persinger Mary E b.03/29/1927 d.12/09/1994 spouse Edward? C b.? d.?

Phillips Bobby L b.07/23/1942 d.01/22/2002

Phillips James L b.1941 d.2007

Phillips Joe V b.1913 d.1990 spouse Belve M b.1912 d.2001

Phillips Rev.J b.1906 d.1994 spouse Vernie b.1915 d.2007

Phillips William Ronald b.08/04/1948 d.10/18/2002

Pickens Eldia L b.1933 d.1996 spouse Rowena M b.1939 d.?

Pinter Johnny b.01/29/1940 d.01/08/1992

Pitt Glady b.1911 d.2003

Pizzuto John b.10/26/1937 d.06/07/2007

Plante? Ronald M b.12/25/1928 d.02/06/2004 spouse Evelene B b.05/30/1929 d.12/26/1989

Postlethwaite Thelma M b.1913 d.2005 spouse C.E. Mike b.1916 d.1988

Powell Bruce M b.1926 d.1985 spouse Mary Jo b.1929 d.2005

Priddy Charles Taylor b.10/16/1951 d.02/22/2005

Priddy Leo B b.1923 d.2006 spouse Myrtle M b.1920 d.?

Priddy Rufus Jr b.10/29/1967 d.09/27/2007

Priddy Sarah Felica b.03/26/1958 d.08/24/2003

Proctor Harold L b.1924 d.2004 spouse Martha Sue b.1929 d.2004

Rayburn Anna Belle b.1932 d.1961

Rayburn Gladys b.1912 d.2006 spouse Milford b.1907 d.1973

Raynes Bessie R b.04/01/1912 d.01/06/2002

Reddick Margaret A b.1928 d.2000

Reed Donald Edward b.05/16/1943 d.08/24/1993

Reed H Denver b.1915 d.1984

Reed Patsy Sue b.07/16/1938 d.03/09/1999

Reedy Earl C b.1907 d.1999 spouse Ina B b.1900 d.1960

Rhodes Otho b.1913 d.1998 spouse Lola G b.1917 d.2002

Rhodes Wilford W b.08/18/1921 d.09/02/1989 PFC US Army WW2

Richards Keith L b.1955 d.1995 spouse Connie S b.1955 d.?

Richardson Eddie B b.02/24/1925 d.12/22/2000

Richmond F.Leon b.1930 d.1994 spouse Rita b.1931 d.?

Riffle Irvin L Sr b.06/20/1910 d.02/26/1988 spouse Nellie L b.05/09/1916 d.03/10/2008

Riffle John b.1910 d.1994 spouse Anna Mae b.1920 d.1991

Riffle Otha Ray b.04/16/1943 d.05/09/1998

Rigsby Shellie L b.1926 d.1997

Rinehart Freda S b.1892 d.1998

Rinehart Hilda b.1920 d.2001

Roberts Kenneth L b.1934 d.2002 spouse Donna b.1930 d.1995

Robinson Alma J b.1909 d.1999 spouse Beecher H b.1908 d.1972

Rogers Ruth B b.02/11/1903 d.09/29/1993

Rollins John W b.1911 d.1992 spouse Opal b.1915 d.1974

Rollins Mark A b.1971 d.1995

Rollins Stewart Lero b.1932 d.1991

Rousey Harold Ray b.10/18/1924 d.09/12/1994

Rowh Coy A b.01/26/1927 d.12/25/2001 spouse Evelyn McCoskey b.04/13/1928 d.09/27/2001

Rowh Joshua B b.07/29/1982 d.12/14/1999

Rucker Jettie J b.1927 d.2003 spouse Elosie

Runion H.E. "Gene" b.1924 d.1989 spouse Willo V b.1922 d.?

Rust Samuel M b.1917 d.2003

Rutledge Otis G b.1923 d.1997 spouse Belva b.1926 d.2000

Ruton John A b.1917 d.1992 spouse Ruby I b.1921 d.2003

Ryan Cleo A b.1910 d.1990 spouse Marian E b.1916 d.1993

Ryan Norma A b.1927 d.2005 spouse Howard J b.1927 d.?

Rymel Wilma L b.11/12/1930 d.12/07/2007

Sam Ershel J b.1928 d.1989 spouse Frances J b.1939 d.1999

Sanders Margaret A b.10/07/1942 d.12/13/1990

Sanders Margaret A b.10/07/1942 d.12/13/1990

Sanders Roy M b.07/15/1919 d.03/29/2004

Sanson Ada b.1905 d.2001 spouse John b.1889 d.1973

Saunders James b.1940 d.2007 spouse Shelia A b.1947 d.?

Saunders S.W.W.Bill b.1915 d.1980 spouse Eliza P b.1914 d.1993

Sayre Rubert Gale b.04/23/1951 d.12/01/2007 spouse Brenda Kay b.08/14/1951 d.?

Sayre Violet Juanita b.1932 d.2004

Scott Paul H Scott b.02/06/1937 d.09/06/2003 spouse Carolyn L b.09/28/1943 d.09/19/2000

Scott Randy b.1965 d.1965

Seafler Jasper b.1889 d.1986 spouse Margaret b.1901 d.1991

Seafler Wade Edwin b.09/24/1925 d.12/07/2003 spouse Maxine b.1924 d.2008

Sergent Wanda Westine b.1929 d.2001 spouse Clyde Sanford b.1921 d.1990

Sevy John D b.1946 d.1996

Shafer Elder Charles W b.1901 d.1968 spouse Lola M b.1905 d.1990

Shafer Robert William b.08/12/1929 d.07/31/2005

Shaffer Douglas J b.07/10/1917 d.12/23/1991

Shaffer Ralph E b.1937 d.1993

Shaffer Raymond E b.1945 d.1977 spouse Marilyn P b.1948 d.1998

Shamblin Davie H b.04/19/1932 d.04/04/2007 spouse Priscilla M b.03/01/1936 d.?

Shamblin Hanson b.1912 d.1999 spouse Helen D

Shamblin Lana Gail b.1948 d.1998

Shamblin Tammy Sue b.1961 d.2001 spouse L Dale b.1959 d.?

Shank Ethel M b.1937 d.2000 spouse Kenneth L b.1937 d.?

Sheets Leward b.1910 d.2001 spouse Barbara L b.1907 d.1980

Shingleton Sharon D b.1951 d.1993 spouse Howard W Jr b.1961 d.?

Shinn Lloyd A b.1922 d.1991 spouse Iva K b.1921 d.1996

Sigman Anson b.1916 d.2008 spouse Thelma b.1915 d.1999

Sigman Leo Clifford b.06/17/1921 d.07/30/1997 spouse Reba b.08/19/1920 d.09/05/2005

Sigman Leo Clifford b.1921 d.1997 spouse Reba Gibson b.1920 d.2005

Sigman Maggie B b.1904 d.1996

Sigman Rev Floyd b.1917 d.1997 spouse Alma D b.1919 d.1986

Sigman Roy Amel b.1915 d.1983 spouse Arlene b.1921 d.2005

Sigman Thomas L b.1924 d.2005 spouse Mary J b.1933 d.?

Silman Paul M b.1917 d.1995 spouse Bessie L b.1914 d.1996

Simmons Denver L b.1922 d.1980 spouse Sona L b.1927 d.?

Simmons Margarette L b.09/13/1927 d.07/21/2001 spouse Carl A b.09/20/1918 d.02/18/1998

Singleton Lora V b.1935 d.1998 spouse Roland V b.1928 d.?

Sipple Barabra b.1936 d.1991

Sisk Deanna Dawn b.05/25/1971 d.02/06/2009

Sisk Jr Larry D b.12/20/1946 d.10/17/2008

Sizemore William E b.07/20/1927 d.01/08/2004 spouse Betty Cook b.03/08/1932 d.?

Skidmore Jack Horton b.1928 d.2005

Skidmore Peggy L Horton b.1932 d.2005

Slobbodink Joseph J b.1914 d.1994 spouse Zelma M b.1913 d.2003

Smalley Cleo B b.1910 d.1997 spouse Dorothy I

Smalley Dellie O b.1901 d.1987 spouse Anna L b.1907 d.1993

Smalley Fravel Omer b.1909 d.1993 spouse Hazel Ice b.1910 d.1999

Smalley Lisa Dawn b.06/05/1991 d.06/05/1991

Smith Alexerda Cathreine b.08/04/1993 d.11/04/1993

Smith Ashley C b.1997 d.2005

Smith Basil O b.1917 d.1996 spouse R. Josephine b.1920 d.1990

Smith Betty Lou b.1929 d.1999

Smith Florence E b.1922 d.1993 spouse William R b.1925 d.?

Smith Glen b.1933 d.2004 spouse Letha M b.1925 d.2006

Smith Harry L b.03/31/1935 d.12/10/1997

Smith Hezekiah b.1924 d.1993 spouse Electa M b.1925 d.?

Smith John William b.04/07/1946 d.05/27/1993

Smith Mark W b.1958 d.2000

Smith Mary C b.1936 d.2004 spouse Carol S

Smith Mary C M b.07/19/1908 d.03/06/1971 spouse John b.01/06/1911 d.04/25/1993

Smith Romieo S b.03/02/1926 d.10/01/2000 spouse WW2 PFC US Army

Snyder Charles H b.1917 d.1992 spouse Ada L b.1914 d.2007

Sowards Norman L b.1944 d.2004 spouse Wanda Doss b.1951 d.?

Spangler Gloria G b.01/19/1928 d.10/31/1996 spouse Raymond b.08/19/1917 d.11/05/1983

Spaulding Grace E b.1893 d.1989

Spears James A b.1929 d.1999 spouse Barbara A b.1933 d.?

Spears Jewel I b.1925 d.1989

Spouse James H b.1926 d.2008 spouse Bethlean N b.1920 d.2000

Staats Susan L b.1926 d.2007

Stamm Flannah E b.1914 d.2001 spouse Carl J b.1914 d.1971

Starcher Kathleen E b.1928 d.1980 spouse Drexel L b.1924 d.2001

Starks Charles A b.03/09/1916 d.05/16/1992

Steele Arettia M b.1932 d.2000 spouse Oscar M b.1928 d.?

Stephens Eileen W b.1932 d.1995 spouse Harold L b.1929 d.2006

Stephens Vada G b.? d.1930 spouse Otis R

Stewards Wayne b.1943 d.2008 spouse Lois b.1943 d.?

Stewart Donna Marie b.1936 d.1999

Stewart John Boy b.1974 d.1999

Stewart John Ray b.1931 d.1999

Stollings Marshall A b.04/18/1924 d.09/12/1996

Stone Willliam Jack b.1927 d.1984 spouse Mary Iris b.1926 d.1999

Stout Charles R b.06/16/1927 d.09/30/1988

Stover Lloyd E b.1911 d.1994 spouse Minnie B b.1909 d.1997

Stover Michelle b.1977 d.1998

Stover Virgie C b.09/12/1910 d.01/10/1990

Straughan James A b.11/24/1938 d.03/17/2003

Sturgeon Russell b.1907 d.1979 spouse Lucy E b.1911 d.2001

Sturgeon Samuel F b.1909 d.1997 spouse Helen G b.1914 d.2002

Sullivan Warren J b.08/22/1922 d.05/17/1995

Summers Gale J b.1959 d.2007 spouse Gary L b.1957 d.?

Summers William E b.1933 d.1997 spouse Florence E b.1936 d.?

Sutherland Doug b.1923 d.1977 spouse Mary b.1925 d.1990

Taldwymar Casey b.11/25/1980 d.05/25/2007

Tawney Pamela S b.1952 d.2009 spouse Danny G b.1957 d.?

Taylor Jonathan b.1963 d.1994

Tenney Heather Jean b.1968 d.1987

Thevenin Dennis Clydz b.5/27/194? d.08/22/2007

Thomas Hommer I Sr b.1925 d.2000 spouse Iva M b.1927 d.2005

Thomas John B b.1924 d.2008

Thomas John F b.1913 d.1999 PFC US 82ND Airborne WW2

Thomas Joseph b.05/17/1927 d.01/21/2008 spouse Gloria b.03/08/1929 d.?

Thomas Walter C b.06/03/1922 d.11/06/2002 spouse Margaret R b.02/09/1928 d.02/13/2002

Thomas Sr Joseph F b.04/21/1950 d.02/17/1999

Thorne Macell E b.1923 d.2001 spouse L. Madaline b.1927 d.?

Thornton Dortha S b.10/31/1935 d.09/07/2003

Thornton Houston H b.1925 d.1981

Thornton Rockford F b.1926 d.2007 spouse Iona B b.1927 d.?

Thornton Ruth J b.05/10/1929 d.02/14/1984 spouse Elijah O b.01/10/1927 d.09/20/1980

Thornton Sarah b.01/11/1970 d.03/19/1995

Tiffiner Walter Clyde b.1918 d.1998 spouse Dorothy M b.1921 d.?

Toler Cathy J b.11/28/1960 d.03/26/1998

Truette Ruby b.1913 d.1997 spouse Mary V

Tucker H.R. Crickle b.1929 d.2006 spouse Jackie Alice Marie

Tucker Harry R b.1908 d.1989 spouse Joseph b.1926 d.1995

Tucker Lloyd b.1933 d.2004

Turley Theodore b.1922 d.1994 spouse Ruth b.1934 d.?

Tyree Isabelle b.1905 d.1992

Utt Ottis b.1917 d.1998 spouse Marcella J b.1918 d.1997

Vannoy James E b.1953 d.1992 spouse Margaret b.1954 d.?

Vannoy Paul E b.1929 d.1988 spouse Melva B b.1929 d.?

Wagner Rusty b.06/21/1974 d.07/18/1999

Wagner Yale Rodeny b.05/26/1952 d.08/26/1998

Walls Blanche M b.3/31/1897 d.01/06/1997

Walter Delfa F b.1911 d.2006 spouse William M b.?? d.1994

Wandling Fred P b.05/10/1909 d.06/22/1995 spouse S Marie b.12/04/1906 d.02/22/1993

Wandling Herbert O b.01/22/1919 d.04/29/2002

Wandling Wilma E b.1918 d.1996 spouse Sherley M b.1915 d.2005

Ward Evelyn R b.1934 d.2007

Warner Daisy M b.1902 d.1995

Warner Leo Charles b.1933 d.1997 spouse Darlena Kersey b.10/20/1940 d.?

Warner Mary b.06/20/1930 d.02/14/2001 spouse Charles L b.06/03/1927 d.11/19/1989

Warner Sherman W. b.03/11/1903 d.06/10/1994 spouse Ercil L b.03/30/1908 d.02/10/1988

Weaver Richard E b.1937 d.1996

West George R b.04/22/1927 d.03/17/1997 spouse Ethel Casto b.12/5/1926 d.12/08/2004

White Andrew Ryan b.1928 d.2008

Whiteside Gene Harold b.09/13/1934 d.09/01/1992 spouse Opal Mae b.05/12/1937 d.?

Whittington Clennie L b.1973 d.1999 spouse Howard T b.1945 d.2008

Whittington Herbert M b.12/30/1921 d.06/01/1980 spouse Gloria M b.01/24/1930 d.?

Whittington Joey b.12/19/2003 d.01/18/2004

Whittington Rocky b.1980 d.2007

Wick Pamela Sue b.07/29/1954 d.07/27/2007 spouse Billy F b.04/08/1954 d.?

Wilkinson Larry Curtis b.1939 d.2007

Wilkinson Lena M b.1923 d.2002

Wilkinson Rev Truman b.1904 d.1990 spouse Beatrice E b.1922 d.?

Wilkinson JR William S b.1922 d.1986 spouse Mary L b.1930 d.1991

Williams Ivan C b.11/29/1927 d.10/08/2001 spouse Anna J b.09/09/1931 d.?

Williamson Gayle L b.1961 d.2005 spouse Robert J b.1950 d.?

Williamson Robert L b.11/15/1921 d.01/09/1990

Williamson Robert Lloyd b.1921 d.1990 spouse Shella Maureen b.1928 d.2003

Wilson Carl G b.1939 d.2002

Wilson Gary Lee b.? d.02/26/2009

Wilson Gerald M b.1948 d.1995

Wilson Paul V b.01/24/1918 d.12/13/2004

Wilson Winoma L b.1912 d.1998 spouse Ora G b.1912 d.1973

Windle Robert W b.1921 d.2008

Winter Curtis L b.09/01/1918 d.01/15/2007

Winter Lewis J b.1921 d.1996 spouse Helen B b.1926 d.?

Winter Metta b.1890 d.1990

Winters Norman R b.08/15/1927 d.08/01/2005

Withrow Alma Jean b.04/06/1930 d.07/12/2004

Withrow Anna b.1909 d.1983 spouse Lewis R b.1899 d.1991

Withrow Freeda N b.1917 d.2000 spouse 1911 b.1979 d.?

Withrow Lisa Kay b.08/17/1970 d.11/16/2004

Withrow Melvin A b.1907 d.1988 spouse Stella b.1916 d.2003

Withrow Rev. Jackie Sr b.1934 d.1992 spouse Jo Ellen b.1935 d.?

Withrow Wardie E b.1913 d.1993 spouse Juanitia J b.1921 d.1992

Witt Bill Junier? b.07/18/1929 d.10/13/2008

Witt Louise M b.1907 d.1989

Witt Moulton A b.08/09/1904 d.12/04/1993 spouse Minnlea ? b.07/19/1907 d.12/19/1989

Wolfe Bertie A b.1905 d.2000

Wolfe Howard C b.1898 d.1989 spouse Edith b.1902 d.1981

Wolfe Jack D b.1927 d.1998 spouse Evelyn b.1931 d.2008

Wolfe John W Jr b.1930 d.2000 spouse Betty J b.1931 d.1988

Wolfe John W Sr b.1909 d.1994 spouse Una Pauline b.1913 d.1982

Wolford Clifford b.1919 d.2008 spouse Phyllis M b.1923 d.1993

Wolford Homer E b.1911 d.1989 spouse Milred M b.1912 d.2008

Woodrum Yvonne b.1939 d.2006

Woods Walter L b.1913 d.1992 spouse Dorothy B b.1908 d.1995

Woody Andrew Tyler b.12/26/1987 d.10/23/2005

Workman Brady L b.1913 d.1982 spouse Maxine L b.1919 d.2006

Workman Franklin L b.1924 d.1993 spouse Lessie M b.1917 d.1992

Worth Jesse S b.06/06/1925 d.04/24/1996 PFC US Army WW2

Wright Arletta G b.1924 d.1995

Wright Betty J Sigman b.1929 d.2002

Wright Clarence H b.1917 d.1993 spouse Helen M b.1920 d.?

Wright Lowell W b.12/14/1931 d.05/11/2002 spouse Mary L Donegan b.05/11/1932 d.05/07/2008

Wygal William G b.1917 d.2008 spouse Alma b.1922 d.2007

Young Hobert Ray b.1931 d.1996 spouse Leota A b.1932 d.2006

Young James T Butch b.1956 d.1991

Young Juanita J b.01/02/1938 d.11/19/2008

Zitzeisberger Margaret E b.1933 d.1999 spouse John W b.1931 d.?

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McWhorter & Wallace Cemetery On Johnĺs Creek in Cabell County, near the Cabell/Mason County Line - Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

Chapman Bruce Allen? b.10/04/1965 d.02/28/1966

Chapman Cathern M b.07/20/1937 d.09/20/1938

Chapman Drema Lynn b.BABY d.09/15/1953

Chapman Gertie b.1890 d.1932

Chapman Inez b.03/10/1911 d.03/17/1999

Chapman Infant b.BABY d.12/25/1934

Chapman W.A. Bill b.1886 d.1955

Chapman Woodrow b.07/27/1914 d.04/26/1988 spouse Shirley E b. 12/13/1916 d. 11/22/2006

Conrad Herbert Ray b.08/10/1920 d.08/22/1972 PFC US Army WW2

McWhorter Nila b.1887 d.1960

McWhorter Willaim F b.1880 d.1949 spouse Alia b. 1885 d. 19??

Reynolds Ereda M b.1923 d.1995 spouse Euel C (PVT US ARMY WW2) b. 05/02/1916 d. 06/03/1965

Reynolds George A b.10/27/1886 d.04/04/1977

Reynolds Malintha C b.1871 d.1951 spouse George A b. 1857 d. 1944

WALLACE Memorial

Alford Dwight LEE b.BABY d.11/20/1955

Alford Earl W Jr b.03/15/1922 d.06/24/1983 spouse Macil F b. 10/21/1921 d. 01/19/1979

Alford Michale E b.BABY d.10/03/1973

Alford Missouri b.1895 d.1957 spouse Early W b. 1895 d. 1976

Alford Richard H b.03/03/1924 d.03/20/1995 spouse Mary Beth b. 10/10/1925 d. present

Alford Thomas R b.09/05/1916 d.12/12/1993 spouse Lucy V b. 04/13/1919 d. 07/08/2004

Alford Willliam D b.05/29/1931 d.10/11/1986

Bamgardner Robert b.1875 d.1925 spouse Lenora b. 1876 d. 1932

Billups Lotie b.1890 d.1972

Billups Willliam A b.1880 d.1957

Black Levada b.1889 d.1970 spouse Georgie K b. 1883 d. 1968

Carpenter C.Elden b.01/31/1916 d.11/30/1972 spouse Goldie M b. 01/26/1922 d. 10/13/1973

Carpenter Corba C b.12/26/1898 d.07/28/1978

Chambers Lori J b.07/10/1913 d.09/06/2001

Clagg Dennis Allen b.08/26/1944 d.10/16/1944

Conrad Ivan b.02/15/1909 d.10/01/1982 spouse Mary I b. 02/28/1910 d. 10/08/2001

Conrad Michael D b.1946 d.1970 spouse Betty E b. 1919 d. present

Cremeans Terron M b.01/05/1909 d.02/17/1972 CLR CO WW2

Davis Ira C b.1904 d.1974 spouse Burnelean b. 1912 d. 1955

Davis James Dillard b.06/04/1949 d.09/29/1983

Davis James H b.10/05/1932 d.01/16/1999 spouse Lois R b. 01/13/1933 d. 04/04/1992

Davis Ora b.12/13/1943 d.12/15/1943

Duffer Larry Edwin b.02/08/1953 d.07/31/1991 SGT US ARMY

Edmunds Garland C b.01/15/1911 d.05/09/1958 SGT Armred Regt WW2

Edmunds Ollie M b.1911 d.1993

Edmunds Richard H b.2/1/1898 d.Nov 6 1923

Gillespie Harles b.1891 d.1949

Gillespie Lillian b.1908 d.2000

Glenn Alma b.1925 d.1941

Glenn Chistine b.1934 d.1956

Glenn Eloise b.1919 d.1922

Glenn Ernest Elwood b.10/03/1915 d.11/28/1971 USNR WW2

Glenn Hazel b.1928 d.1928

Glenn Zella G b.1899 d.1989 spouse Henry M b. 1892 d. 1956

Grover James Russel b.1911 d.1976 spouse Anna Evelean b. 1914 d. 1993

Grover Violet L b.1943 d.1943

Hinkle Cecil E b.11/16/1905 d.02/08/1979 spouse Sylvia b. 04/02/1911 d. 03/24/1990

Hinkle Daymon Earl b.01/24/1923 d.02/09/1923

Hinkle James E b.06/06/1914 d.07/14/2000 spouse W. Florene b. 05/31/1924 d.?

Hinkle James L b.7/10/1891 d.07/19/1953 spouse Millie b. 6/5/1892 d. present

Hinkle Straud b.5/23/1826 d.10/09/1907 spouse Marjorie b. 3/8/1849 d. 03/31/1918

Holstein John Dryden b.8/22/1875 d.09/06/1950

Ingels Gerald G b.12/19/1944 d.09/22/2001 spouse Mildred V b. 03/13/1945 d. present

Irwin Arbutis Louise b.BABY d.05/13/1947

Irwin Napoleon J b.1921 d.1994 spouse Betty J b. 1924 d. 1999

Irwin Stella M b.08/22/1922 d.06/04/2001 spouse Charles L b. 07/09/1926 d. present

Lett Gladys B b.07/04/1935 d.10/30/1979

Lunsford Emma b.1882 d.1969

Lunsford Isabell b.01/30/1917 d.01/27/1919

Lunsford Samuel Dale b.BABY d.08/10/1939

Lunsford Virgil Lee b.11/2/1899 d.01/10/1974

Lunsford William A b.1882 d.1964

Mayes Daniel K b.05/24/1934 d.03/17/1996 spouse Edna R b. 03/18/1938 d. present

McComas Willie H b.11/26/1928 d.09/30/1971 spouse Mildred L b. 02/18/1931 d. present

Meadows Iva M b.07/24/1917 d.03/24/1989

Mozella Lillian b.03/29/1923 d.10/?/1923

Odell Infant b.BABY d.01/01/1989

Reynolds B. Oscar b.12/29/1890 d.01/25/1970 spouse Della M b. 2/17/1890 d. 10/22/1969

Reynolds Charles E b.1930 d.1993 spouse Isabelle I b. 1929 d. 2007

Rowsey Hattie Okell b.09/23/1904 d.02/06/1979

Rowsey Joesph Lee b.BABY d.07/22/1927

Wallace Berman S b.04/09/1915 d.04/04/1990 spouse Dorothy L b. 02/12/1921 d. 06/05/1995

Wallace Billy Lee b.11/06/1938 d.03/22/1989 US Army

Wallace Joe Tim b.06/10/1929 d.09/20/1996

Wallace Oscar b.1886 d.1961 spouse Ada b. 1886 d. 1952

Wallace Selena b.?? d.??

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Mount Olive Cemetery On Johnĺs Creek in Cabell County, near the Cabell/Mason County Line - Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

? Cyrus G b.4/22/1882 d.07/08/1962

? N.N. Jolley b.? d.? spouse Elizabeth b.? d.?

Barrett Annis L b.1906 d.1992 spouse Thomas E b.1886 d.1964

Black William A b.06/15/1916 d.02/17/1986 spouse Hazel V b.05/15/1921 d.present

Black Inas b.1912 d.1992 spouse Nardia b.1897 d.1978

Black Pebble M b.1912 d.1994 spouse Clell b.1903 d.1974

Brown Thomas D b.04/28/1951 d.05/02/1951

Bush Leoard E b.02/03/1908 d.04/07/1991 spouse Flora Edith b.03/17/1910 d.04/01/1995

Bush Reece b.1861 d.1930 spouse Mary Belle b.1871 d.1930

Bush Opha R b.1919 d.1930

Bush William E b.1890 d.1939 spouse Maggie V b.1898 d.1988

Bush Oliver E b.1903 d.1954 spouse Ethel b.1912 d.1995

Chapman Ethel Smith b.1897 d.1920

Chapman Baby Boy d.08/25/1934

Chapman Mayme M b.1890 d.1893

Chapman Lilly b.? d.1895

Chapman Moses C b.1885 d.1905

Chapman Nora D b.1861 d.1936

Chapman Crosby R b.1896 d.1966 spouse Daisy B b.1896 d.1975

Chapman Rolen F b.1911 d.1970 spouse Elva M b.1914 d.1997

Chapman Rondell S b.1923 d.1981 spouse Dorothy b.1928 d.1997

Chapman Grover C b.1892 d.1983

Clagg Paul Michael b.Baby d.05/22/1978

Clagg Colbo Joel b.05/14/1982 d.07/28/2008

Colmire Vanie C b.5/4/1892 d.05/07/1974

Conrad J. Vinson b.1911 d.1973 spouse Anyse E b.1913 d.2008

Conrad Uticia A b.1894 d.1960 spouse Charles b.1889 d.1966

Cremeans Garnett H b.1906 d.1987 spouse Major V b.1903 d.1965

Dempsey Roy R b.1945 d.1996

Dickens Glenn b.1913 d.1981

Dickens Letha F b.2/26/1873 d.12/16/1967

Duffer J Maude b.1883 d.1961

Duffer Willie b.1883 d.1970

Fisher Clessie E b.6/22/1888 d.08/11/1959

Fisher Cyrus G b.4/22/1882 d.07/08/1962 spouse Clessie E b.6/22/1888 d.08/11/1959

Fisher Baby Daughter d.1931 Baby Son d.1927

Fisher Robert E b.1924 d.1945 spouse Harry L b.1921 d.1938

Fisher Flossie J b.1896 d.1957 spouse Harry E b.1873 d.1967

Foster Tamara J b.08/26/1963 d.02/25/1964

Foster J. Otis b.01/07/1906 d.05/05/1984 spouse V Oma b.11/19/1907 d.04/13/1969

Foster Vernon D b.10/06/1935 d.04/07/2005 SP4 US Army Vietnam

Foster Charles D b.10/05/1933 d.12/03/1994 spouse Brenda F b.04/11/1945 d.?

Gibson Keiko b.02/17/1931 d.05/17/1975

Gibson Wm. Kenneth b.12/14/1905 d.11/17/1988 spouse Stella B b.11/09/1910 d.01/04/1991

Gibson William Lyle b.06/30/1932 d.11/01/1999 PFC US Army Korea

Gibson Della b.1884 d.1959

Gibson James Merel b.01/08/1912 d.08/30/1979

Glenn Thomas J b.4/14/1836 d.02/16/1916 spouse Rebecca E b.4/14/1842 d.02/05/1922

Glenn Floyd H b.05/12/1919 d.07/31/2002 spouse Lucy b.03/06/1926 d.present

Glenn Samuel G b.1872 d.1930

Glenn Lloyd b.1921 d.1933

Glenn Lloyd B b.1921 d.1933

Glenn Kezia b.1877 d.1953

Glenn Walter R b.1885 d.1953 spouse Carrie M b.1887 d.1950

Groop Sarah A b.? d.10/9/1892 spouse George b.? d.1886

Grove Julius L b.? d.05/09/1903

Grove A D b.1849 d.1926 spouse M A b.1852 d.1925

Hager Billy Jack b.1928 d.1952

Hager Billy Jack Jr b.1948 d.1975

Hammicks Mary Ann b.01/16/1903 d.09/16/1976 spouse Delmar b.07/01/1914 d.present

Hanley Ethel b.1882 d.1945

Hanley J Shelby b.1880 d.1954

Henry Daisy M Black b.01/25/1935 d.09/01/1994 spouse James J Sr b.01/08/1920 d.?

Hester Gene Douglas b.12/14/1966 d.08/09/1979

Hester James E b.09/10/1940 d.12/25/2003

Holley Barrey K b.06/15/1952 d.07/11/1976 SP4 US ARMY

Holley Elizabeth Jolley b.4/5/1898 d.03/30/1980

Holley W.M. Wesley b.03/14/1914 d.03/04/1986 spouse Mary F b.05/09/1918 d.present

Holley Wanda E b.04/20/1937 d.05/06/1992

Holley Mark W b.05/01/1962 d.03/12/1995

Holley Rose W b.01/18/1929 d.11/24/1995 spouse Carolyn L b.11/14/1944 d.?

Holley Nannie G b.1845 d.1924 spouse W.G. Holley

Holley Walter W b.1888 d.1974 spouse Malinda b.1888 d.1983

Holstein John Junior b.02/10/1907 d.06/06/1936

Hughes Bobby Lee b.5/29/?? d.09/05/1931

Hutchinson Mamie Jolley b.1894 d.1974

Isaac David b.1890 d.1976

Johnson William F b.5/19/1882 d.03/09/1967 spouse Ona B b.5/22/1887 d.06/18/1966

Johnson Leo F b.05/02/1910 d.09/09/1989

Johnson Frankin P b.1854 d.1946

Johnson Waldo b.1885 d.1958

Johnson Rosa b.1887 d.1972

Johnson W Frankin b.1910 d.1990

Jolley Lizzie b.1877 d.1945 spouse George b.1866 d.1944

Jolley Wilbur b.09/24/1928 d.12/31/1928

Jolley J. Franklin b.4/5/1896 d.03/14/1976 spouse C. Evelyn W b.03/22/1907 d.04/15/1994

Jolley Clara B b.09/05/1900 d.08/15/1978

Jolley Dora H b.1868 d.1945 spouse Thomas E b.1870 d.1937

Krepps Joshua b.11/20/1837 d.05/11/1900 spouse Hard to read

Krepps Vivian b.12/19/1904 d.11/15/1906

Krepps Paul William b.09/13/1920 d.07/05/1995 spouse Dorthy Frances b.11/03/1921 d.?

Krepps Charles b.1873 d.1926 spouse Elizabeth b.1877 d.1955

McWhorter Bessie May b.03/28/1900 d.09/29/1951

McWhorter Alice Lee b.02/17/1911 d.07/10/1953

McWhorter William R b.10/9/1892 d.06/28/1964

McWhorter Bess W b.01/01/1908 d.05/16/2001

McWhorter William Edward Jr b.1923 d.1928

McWhorter Mabel Mae b.1908 d.1941

McWhorter George C b.8/31/1887 d.7/?/1981

Meadows Herald & Gerald b.11/23/1951 d.11/24/1951

Meadows Ollie b.04/13/1914 d.03/14/1958

Meadows Norma Jean b.06/05/1945 d.05/27/1964

Meadows Orvel E b.08/18/1938 d.06/25/1972

Meadows Raymond b.08/15/1917 d.12/15/1978

Meadows Okel Ivey b.02/05/1916 d.06/11/1980

Meadows Isaac b.03/14/1902 d.03/07/1983 spouse Lonie C b.05/14/1906 d.10/23/1986

Meadows Sandra L b.01/01/1949 d.10/01/1998 spouse Merle K b.12/02/1951 d.present

Meadows Robert K b.12/17/1929 d.03/02/2002 spouse Ola A b.05/25/1935 d.08/24/2000

Meadows Henry A b.1927 d.1999 spouse Eva Deans b.1931 d.1975

Meadows Ervin E b.01/25/1937 d.7/31/981

Mees Xylphia H b.12/11/1918 d.04/09/1996 spouse A. Lowell b.05/06/1916 d.05/25/1966

Mees Carolyn b.01/22/1942 d.03/18/2009

Mees Robert Bob b.1937 d.1955

Morris Evelyn b.1934 d.2001

Payton Edna Pearl b.09/01/1924 d.03/20/1925

Reynolds Randall Dayton b.05/22/1935 d.10/12/1969

Reynolds Cody M b.1899 d.1979 spouse Thena E b.1895 d.1975

Riffe Marsahll Reno b.01/03/1915 d.03/22/2000

Romine Glenn b.4/5/1885 d.06/15/1956 spouse Celia b.7/30/1888 d.08/11/1986

Rowsey Otis E b.12/05/1923 d.03/01/1944

Rowsey James A b.03/29/1934 d.11/14/1995 SP4 US Army Korea

Rowsey Schuyler b.02/14/1932 d.09/22/2001 spouse Retha M b.03/29/1933 d.present

Rowsey James Henry b.1870 d.1943 spouse Sarah Esther b.1878 d.1974

Rowsey Wilmer O b.1900 d.1973 spouse Georgia M b.1905 d.1990

Rowsey Rex J Sr b.1929 d.1977

Rowsey Hazel M b.1936 d.1995

Rowsey Carlton M SR b.11/14/1936 d.06/04/2005 spouse Clara L b.11/01/1937 d.present

Rowsey Joel Aaron b.BABY d.1983

Smith Jolius b.05/01/1901 d.05/02/1901

Smith W. Murvin b.07/03/1907 d.09/23/1907

Smith E L b.BABY d.10/28/1945

Smith Gilbert G b.12/12/1914 d.06/27/1973 spouse Jessie H b.07/10/1919 d.08/24/2005

Smith Virginia Ann b.11/23/1927 d.06/05/1979

Smith Henderson E b.05/24/1924 d.03/07/1986

Smith Jessie H b.07/10/1919 d.08/24/2005

Smith Olia b.1908 d.1913

Smith Louis b.1900 d.1921

Smith John C b.1872 d.1925

Smith Alice b.1875 d.1928

Smith Clayton b.1904 d.1930

Smith Albert b.1893 d.1951 spouse Roxie R b.1868 d.1921

Smith Charles M b.1874 d.1957

Smith Violet Mae b.1922 d.1962

Smith James Leonard b.03/21/1921 d.2/27/200? PVT US ARMY WW2

Smith Violet b.1913 d.2002 spouse Edgar b.1921 d.2001

Smith W A b.Baby d.?

Sowards Lawrence T b.06/11/1915 d.01/07/1993 spouse Adalee H b.12/02/1928 d.present

Trisler Morton b.1895 d.1962 spouse Maudie

Ward Buddy Allen b.03/04/1972 d.03/09/1972

Waterson Sarah U b.6/6/1853 d.10/14/1943

Waterson Andrew b.11/26/1840 d.01/14/1921

Whitte? Sarah A b.1789 d.5/6/1862

Williams Augusta M b.2/22/1884 d.08/30/1900

Williams John H b.6/25/1858 d.10/24/1911 spouse Annie b.8/12/1867 d.8/9/1895

Williams Jimmie b.05/30/1923 d.05/31/1923

Williams Ethel B b.11/17/1897 d.01/10/1978

Williams Edna (baby) b.1935 d.1937 Charles (baby) b.1932 d.1935

Williams Charles H b.1907 d.1983 spouse Okell M b.1913 d.present

Young Laura J b.1874 d.1919

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Staten Chapel Cemetery  On Johnĺs Creek in Cabell County, near the Cabell/Mason County Line - Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

Adams Virginia May b.10/27/1931 d.04/24/1981

Adkins Harold b.07/08/1922 d.09/16/2005 Mewi US Navy WW2

Barrin Fred b.1878 d.1966 Hard to read

Black Harvey b.1912 d.1968

Black Maudie M b.08/27/1921 d.02/26/1997 spouse Waldo b.8/29/1899 d.05/03/1988

Black Roma C b.1877 d.1966 spouse Birtha b.1886 d.1924

Black Rosie Bell b.8/16/1879 d.06/27/1950 spouse Alexander b.2/21/1871 d.06/29/1946

Black William Henry b.06/02/1932 d.11/26/1932

Chapman Alex b.2/10/1872 d.10/10/1957

Chapman Anita Renee b.? d.1973

Chapman Brenda Kay b.08/26/1951 d.12/14/1951

Chapman Christane b.? d.05/14/1965

Chapman David W b.1958 d.1983

Chapman Dewey O b.1899 d.1970 spouse Oretha b.1906 d.present

Chapman Eli b.1892 d.1967

Chapman Gary G Jr b.? d.08/14/1969

Chapman James K b.1858 d.1930

Chapman Johnie b.? d.05/31/1902

Chapman Julia Ann b.1866 d.1947

Chapman Mary Catherine b.1852 d.1933

Chapman Mervin James b.06/17/1908 d.07/28/1944

Chapman Odell b.02/26/1929 d.08/14/1999 spouse Eloise C

Chapman Oretha M b.? d.10/22/1941

Chapman Rhoda b.11/19/1879 d.04/30/1933

Chapman Robert b.05/25/1929 d.06/16/1932

Chapman Roger D b.? d.04/22/1966

Chapman Shelvy L b.1875 d.1947 spouse Martha J b.1878 d.1967

Clark Vivian M b.03/07/1941 d.06/18/1992 spouse Alvin G b.06/03/1932 d.present

Conrad Agnue b.1898 d.1964 spouse Maudie b.1907 d.1980

Conrad Carroll b.07/04/1932 d.12/07/2007 CPL US Army Korea

Conrad Earl b.09/27/1898 d.7/18/1890

Conrad Ernest b.12/16/1892 d.03/10/1965 PVT WW1

Conrad Gilbert b.09/10/1903 d.05/07/1904

Conrad James b.1946 d.1968 spouse Lyle b.1945 d.1968

Conrad James E b.1941 d.1980

Conrad James McKinley b.09/16/1971 d.08/29/1972

Conrad Loottie b.4/26/1898 d.04/13/1972

Conrad Maggie L b.BABY d.Dec 1891

Conrad Marold b.08/25/1922 d.02/20/1953 CPL WW2

Conrad Mary F b.1870 d.1928 spouse William T b.1868 d.1926

Conrad McKinley b.5/22/1896 d.08/19/1967 spouse Virtie L b.04/25/1908 d.03/31/1977

Conrad Opalean b.? d.03/11/1928

Conrad Oretha b.07/30/1906 d.03/15/2004

Conrad Savana May b.01/14/1924 d.01/22/1924

Doan D.E. "Todd" b.02/26/1936 d.04/11/1996

Doan Thelma b.01/27/1901 d.07/17/1982 spouse Ralph S b.4/7/1874 d.07/30/1944

Dousion Donald G b.? d.1972

Emerson Effie M b.1905 d.1982 spouse Karl S b.1878 d.1964

Glover Dora V b.07/29/1922 d.12/29/1987

Glover Elza b.07/26/1912 d.01/29/1960

Glover Iva Mae b.06/04/1942 d.11/05/1942

Glover Judson M b.04/05/1925 d.11/03/1995

Glover Lilly Della b.04/17/1903 d.03/04/1983

Glover Mabel E b.06/20/1943 d.06/25/1945

Hesson Darlena b.12/08/1953 d.04/18/1988

Martin Virginia P b.7/71931 d.06/09/1998 spouse Harold A b.08/16/1916 d.01/24/2001

Meadows Ada kay b.07/04/1951 d.10/01/1951

Meadows Bery b.1952 d.1994 spouse Eldise Marie b.1942 d.2006

Meadows Denver b.09/17/1917 d.04/10/1966 spouse Ruby L b.04/17/1918 d.03/20/1988

Meadows William L b.07/14/1931 d.06/22/1965

Moses Benjamin b.04/04/1926 d.10/22/1970 USNR WW2

Moses Rubin b.BABY d.06/22/1916

Moses Ruth b.BABY d.06/22/1916

Moses Thomas R b.2/18/1894 d.02/04/1981 spouse Artincy M b.3/10/1894 d.02/24/1962

Peyton Stanley R b.06/05/1928 d.06/23/1997 spouse Orangle b.09/09/1936 d.04/15/1999

Powell Sidney M b.01/28/1902 d.04/12/1971

Powell Sidney M Jr b.05/26/1950 d.05/25/1976

Smith Aaron Matthew b.BABY d.11/04/1998

Smith George A b.02/19/1947 d.06/07/2008 LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam

Stewart Garnet b.07/21/1912 d.06/28/1984

Stewart Joe Lawrence b.11/10/1938 d.07/28/1987

Stewart Leo b.BABY d.1905

Stewart Stanley Elie b.04/10/1910 d.05/09/1962

Toney Okie b.08/02/1905 d.07/19/1988

Toney Sylvia O b.05/28/1916 d.08/26/1980 spouse Lonnie C

Ward Grace b.BABY d.10/03/2007

Ward John S b.1910 d.1980 spouse Ima J b.1918 d.2003

Ward John W b.04/07/1951 d.10/28/1992

Willis James b.03/13/1952 d.07/14/1952

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Valley View Cemetery located on Rt 34, Hurricane Updated 13 OCT 2008 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

Abbott Edgar L. b.1932 d.2006

Abbott Effie E. b.1900 d.1990

Abbott Jesse M. b.1/29/1916 d.11/14/1989

Abbott Tharon F. b.12/5/1923 d.1/10/2005

Abston Eleo b.3/28/1933 d.2/8/2004

Adams C. E. b.6/1/1917 d.11/4/1995

Adams C.E. b.6/1/1917 d.11/4/1995

Adkins Carolyn S. b.3/15/1943 d.10/1/2000

Adkins Delmar Ray b.1954 d.2005

Alford Conrad Cline b.3/6/1948 d.1/12/2004

Allen Don Richard b.9/25/1941 d.11/25/2002

Allen Earl E. b.5/27/1916 d.7/5/1995

Allen Earl E. b.5/27/1916 d.7/5/1995 spouse Mary E. b.6/9/1917 d.2/12/1990

Allen Julia Belle b.2/2/1892 d.2/19/1993

Allen Wm H. Sr. b.1912 d.1992 spouse Ruby N. b.1915 d.1994

Allen WMH Sr. b.1917 d.1995 spouse Ruby N. b.1915 d.1994

Amos Faith M. b.6/18/1925 d.8/16/1994 spouse Walter E. b.5/4/1923 d.12/26/1987

Amos Leearnet b.12/24/1916 d.11/16/1992

Anderson Leroy J. b.6/19/1937 d.8/29/1994

Anderson Madeline b.1928 d.1991 spouse Oral J. b.1924 d.1979

Andrews Illa J. b.4/25/1932 d.3/31/2007

Angelo Helen J b.6/5/1910 d.1/18/1997

Arbaug Hobert E. b.5/12/1911 d.12/21/1998

Arben Keric Steven b.10/25/1996 d.10/29/1996

Armstrong Matha b.1932 d.2001

Ashworth ? b.1917 d.1994 spouse Irene Goodrich b.4/24/1904 d.6/28/1998

Ashworth Hurbert Kenny b.1/31/1945 d.8/12/1993

Ashworth Joe E b.5/8/1943 d.8/29/1983

Atkins Lyle H. b.6/1/1951 d.9/2/2005

Bailes Frances Lee b.1/22/1944 d.7/18/2005

Bailey Garnet M. Carver b.4/20/1924 d.9/19/2001

Bailey Odis H. b.4/8/1918 d.12/7/2003 spouse Delma L. (Mausoleum)

Bailey Ray Wilkinson (M.D.) b.7/5/1908 d.10/15/2001

Baisden Emily Jane b.5/25/1924 d.6/29/1993

Baldwin Arnold R. b.11/9/1919 d.7/14/2000

Ball Alvin L. b.12/23/1932 d.10/13/1990

Ball Maxwell Lee b.7/3/1955 d.12/31/2007

Ballentine John Lee b.11/18/1975 d.2/3/1995

Bateman Hazel M b.1912 d.2000

Bateman LaDonna B. b.4/20/1938 d.12/8/2007

Batten David b.1952 d.2006

Beach Demmey A. b.5/4/1930 d.12/7/2006

Beaver Frank b.2/14/1915 d.5/27/1999 spouse Mary Inez b.6/17/1920 d.6/21/2003

Becket Lula Katherine b.6/10/1939 d.5/15/2002

Beckett Mildrea M. b.1922 d.1996

Beckett Mildred C. b.12/4/1913 d.9/24/1998

Bench Dollie M. b.6/3/1919 d.10/13/1991 spouse Froud A. b.3/26/1910 d.6/28/1983

Bench Sylvester b.1919 d.1991

Bench Sylvester Ray b.1/4/1972 d.10/25/1995

Bench Walter W. b.1908 d.1992 spouse Vesta M. b.1913 d.1995

Bench William b.7/1/1925 d.2/16/1997 spouse Susie F. b.10/31/1914 d.12/23/1998

Bennet Donald Jones b.5/1/1946 d.12/30/1991

Bennett Izetta L. b.1922 d.2001

Bess Fred N. b.1906 d.1990

Bess Irma Oral b.10/18/1910 d.8/15/1995

Biggs Waltman Barbe b.2/1/1914 d.9/18/2000

Billups Lorna Porter b.3/23/1957 d.7/21/1994

Birt William Lewis b.2/22/1962 d.11/29/1999

Black Dorothy W. b.3/7/1896 d.8/17/1991

Black Frankie Adam b.12/10/1912 d.11/18/2004

Black Jimmie F. b.3/18/1938 d.6/24/1999

Blake Doris H. b.8/19/1936 d.7/1/2007

Blake John B. b.5/16/1905 d.1/11/1991 spouse Venus E. b.4/28/1910 d.5/30/2004

Blake Linda L. b.8/24/1944 d.11/16/2007

Blake Slyvia B. b.7/26/1931 d.5/10/1992

Blaker Ada P. b.2/9/1906 d.2/12/1992

Blankenship William b.5/30/1922 d.12/27/1993

Boster Ruby H. b.1914 d.2001

Bowen Jerry F. b.8/22/1939 d.1/26/2000

Breedlove Okley b.11/11/1903 d.11/28/1992 spouse Ernest b.2/26/1907/8/3/1979

Brewer David Scott b.12/3/1964 d.7/15/1990

Brogan Posey H. b.7/29/1945 d.3/1/2005

Brooks Frank A. b.2/28/1955 d.1/27/2001

Brooks Jason Allen b.12/26/1976 d.4/11/1999

Brown Gregory A. b.6/8/1957 d.8/28/1997

Brown James E. b.4/24/1965 d.11/7/1995

Brown Norine Hunt b.8/20/1929 d.11/3/2006

Brown Richard Straford b.11/9/1959 d.3/12/1994

Broyles Paul T. b.1907 d.1991 spouse Iva B. b.1920 d.2007

Brynside Jessie W. b.8/25/1915 d.1/23/1993

Bucklew Michael C. b.1/12/1942 d.12/18/2001

Burdette James W. b.5/18/1915 d.6/19/2003

Burdette Kathleen V. b.1909 d.2003 spouse William D. b.1906 d.1974

Burdette Thurmond R. b.2/4/1927 d.11/2/1988 spouse G. Bobbie b.10/22/1928 d.8/21/2006

Burdette William H b.12/5/1920 d.12/31/2000

Burger Eleanor E. b.1926 d.1998 spouse Delmer L. b.1923 d.2003

Burger Paul W. b.1933 d.1990

Burgy John P. Jr. b.7/1/1932 d.2/5/2007 (Mausoleum)

Burke Albert R. b.7/16/1909 d.2/15/1997

Burns Robert E. b.8/17/1916 d.11/15/2000

Burns Sandra L. b.7/8/1959 d.8/24/2007

Burns Sully Elizabeth b.3/5/1892 d.1/14/1992

Byrnside Gladys H. b.2/19/1925 d.11/14/1996 spouse Luther T. b.9/14/1927 d.2/14/1990

Caldwell Opal G. b.7/30/1913 d.6/24/2001

Call Anna Mae b.3/17/1918 d.11/4/1994

Call Clifford C. b.7/11/1926 d.7/25/1993

Call Mae Wallace b.1890 d.1990

Call William H b.2/6/1917 d.12/2005

Cambert Mathew James b.11/4/1995 d.2/27/1998

Campbell Edmund B. b.4/18/1963 d.1/11/2001

Campbell Julia L. b.1938 d.1998

Canteberry Mildred S. b.1909 d.1998

Carder Virginia Rice b.10/11/1916 d.4/7/2005

Carina Sarah b.7/8/1984 d.11/7/2003

Carpenter Dorothy J. b.5/23/1925 d.9/7/1994 spouse Lyle A. b.7/3/1921 d.12/11/1994

Carpenter Velanveard R. b.2/25/1916 d.4/17/1990

Carpenter Zefful I. b.10/1/1937 d.6/9/1995 spouse Dorsley L. b.11/25/1936 d.7/28/1993

Carter Brenda S. b.2/20/1951 d.5/27/2008

Carter Rodney Scott b.7/13/1978 d.4/1/12/1997

Casey Jean Louise Pritchett b.10/11/1963 d.4/22/2001

Cash Phyllis J. b.8/1/1938 d.2/19/1997

Casto Clarence B. b.3/11/1926 d.12/25/1997

Casto Jearoll J. ÇťJerryÇŁ b.4/13/1948 d.11/27/2006

Casto Julie Anita b.8/2/1956 d.5/22/2003

Casto Ray E. b.6/12/1943 d.11/23/2005 spouse Danna k. (Mausoleum)

Caudle Willard M b.5/1925 d.8/26/1993

Cazad Adrian L. b.12/17/1921 d.9/18/1997

Chancey Susie Ethel b.10/8/1922 d.9/9/1994

Chandler Denver C b.8/10/1932 d.1/1/2008 spouse Geraldine C b.2/7/1933 d.5/8/1998

Chaney Michael S. b.12/14/1949 d.8/2/1989

Chaney Ralph M. b.1907 d.1984 spouse Arnie A. b.1910 d.2001

Chapman Connie A. b.1/31/1936 d.9/29/2006

Chapman Virginia Dane b.7/12/1922 d.5/5/2003

Chapman William H. b.11/27/1928 d.12/8/1995

Childers Cameron Ira b.10/6/2004 d.1/5/2006

Clagg Dwight K. b.6/19/1946 d.1/16/2008

Clagg Dwight Kellison b.6/19/1946 d.1/16/2008

Clagg Kellison b.6/3/1920 d.10/23/1995 spouse Gearldine b.5/10/1925 d.4/5/1990

Clair Jmes W. b.1/14/1941 d.12/17/2005

Clark Carl Anthony SST US Air Force b.9/20/1949 d.3/8/2004 spouse Alice G. b.5/24/1926 d.5/20/2007

Clark William H. b.10/9/1916 d.7/15/2001 spouse Waneta K. b.9/28/1920 d.7/30/1987

Clay Laurence M. b.5/1927 d.11/1/2003

Clay Walter Sr. b.1962 d.1992

Coiner Mary E. b.12/17/1933 d.3/4/1990

Collins Virginia Maxine b.2/23/1918 d.3/8/2002

Conard Donald R b.6/28/1929 d.4/26/1991 spouse Shirley A b.01/20/1936

Conard Shirley Ann b.6/20/1936 d.11/1/2004

Conner Josephine Y. b.1914 d.2002

Cook Erma P. b.1908 d.1997

Cooper Teresa D. b.8/19/1946 d.2/9/2005

Copley Brenden S. C. b.8/2/2002 d.1/31/2006

Costantini Justin Nino b.10/5/1995 d.3/17/1998

Cottrel Forest E. b.1/5/1923 d.2/21/2002 spouse Ashworth b.1917 d.1994

Cottrell Bruce M. b.3/14/1951 d.3/19/2006

Cottrell Garson L. b.8/24/1914 d.2/17/1996

Counts Webster R. b.5/11/1922 d.2/22/1996 spouse Doris Jennie b.2/25/1929 d.8/6/1995

Courtright Harle PeteŁ b.7/9/1917 d.4/22/1991

Courts Johnnie E. b.4/21/1945 d.8/19/2007

Coyner Julia Ann b.12/29/1937 d.3/5/1997

Coyner Ralph Jr. b.10/6/1931 d.7/12/1994

Coyner Ronald Lee b.8/9/1924 d.8/27/1983

Craddock Samuel F b.10/27/1939 d.7/11/1993

Cramer Harold E. b.9/1/1940 d.4/19/2004

Cremeans Ruby E. b.1908 d.1990

Cullum Orland Paul b.1/30/1927 d.2/5/1995

Cummings Carrie F. b.8/8/1918 d.5/23/2002

Cunningham Paige Lee b.12/11/1963 d.5/3/2005

Cyrus Fred W. b.6/20/1930 d.7/31/1994

Cyrus Gary E. b.3/27/1956 d.5/24/1996

Cyrus Mary Eva b.6/5/1928 d.3/28/1999

Dailey Don b.1931 d.2007

Davis Arthur C. b.11/14/1935 d.6/3/1998

Davis Guy Jr. b.7/11/1921 d.8/19/1992 spouse G. Marle b.4/10/1921 d.8/28/1992

Davis Howard Scott Wilson b.1953 d.2002

Dawson Billy Gene b.4/13/1943 d.1/5/1990

Dent Ricky Wayne b.10/4/1951 d.5/3/1989

Devaney Barbara Jean b.1943 d.2005

Dillon Delphia b.1915 d.1999 spouse Lon b.1895 d.1975

Dillon Miriam Ginger McKay b.6/28/1952 d.8/9/2003

Dorman George Arthur b.1912 d.1979

Doss Helen L. b.1/20/1925 d.5/25/2005 spouse James Oscar b.12/14/1993 d.7/2/1996

Doss Violet Z. b.12/5/1919 d.8/8/2001

Due Millard W. b.1929 d.1994

Duffy Lura Ethel b.9/2/1890 d.2/21/1993

Duke Dewey W. b.3/25/1951 d.8/22/2004

Duke Jimmie R. b.9/5/1936 d.3/2/1994

Duke Wilmah F. b.8/29/1925 d.8/1/2004 spouse Dewey W. b.3/25/1921 d.8/22/2004

Dunlap Edward Q. b.1929 d.1995

Dunlap Effie G. b.12/23/1899 d.8/12/1990

Dunlap James W b.9/20/1924 d.12/8/2007 spouse Betty Lee b.4/9/1927 d.12/23/2006

Easter Ned Wesley b.9/3/1935 d.9/10/1992

Edds Donald b.1920 d.2007 1918 d.2006 spouse Maxine

Edwards Arthur R. b.1907 d.1991

Edwards Gladys Mae b.1912 d.2000

Edwards Henry L. b.9/3/1918 d.3/11/1998 spouse Virginia L. b.3/16/1910 d.8/28/1994

Edwards Joel L. b.3/21/1957 d.5/18/1999

Edwards Norman Sherwood b.2/19/1917 d.11/6/1998 spouse Ruth Thompson b.8/27/1914 d.4/28/2004

Edwards Woodrow M. b.1/1/1914 d.6/26/1993 spouse Lottie M. b.2/22/1912 d.8/18/1990

Eggleton Frazier E. b.2/12/1916 d.12/28/2004 spouse Inez J. b.9/20/1911 d.7/20/2000

Elder Delaney b.2005 d.2007

Ellerbrock Donald T. b.8/6/1926 d.12/4/2003 spouse Mary B. b.4/17/1929 d.12/4/1992

Ellerbrock Donald Thomas b.8/6/1926 d.12/4/2003

Ellis Clinton A b.1914 d.1990

Ellis Sidney H. b.4/11/1934 d.3/5/2002 spouse Betty J. b.4/2/1928 d.4/13/2002

Ellison Leoda b.1928 d.2002

Elswick Chester Lewis b.11/6/1933 d.5/23/1996

Elswick Nash E. Jr. b.9/8/1929 d.11/9/2006 spouse Virginia F. b.10/19/1925 d.6/2/2005

Epling Arnold b.1915 d.2008 spouse Ruby Mary b.1925 d.1973

Erbeck Richards E. b.6/19/1928 d.12/10/2004

Erwin Robert b.6/1/1921 d.7/3/1996 spouse Maycel B. b.3/24/1919 d.4/25/1991

Falukner J. Herman b.9/22/1914 d.7/24/1995

Falukner Wilma Lee b.7/6/1920 d.12/24/2007 spouse William H. b.4/6/1916 d.2/13/1995

Faulkner Alan E. GeneŁ b.10/5/1936 d.12/6/1989

Faulkner Kenneth E. b.1911 d.1994 spouse Eula E. b.1911 d.1993

Faulkner Lura M. b.1901 d.1993 spouse John F. b.1890 d.1970

Finch Belma M. b.6/1/1917 d.7/21/2008

Fisher Ivan Hope b.3/5/1927 d.5/13/2003

Fisher Kenneth F. b.1933 d.2007

Fletcher James C. Sr. b.5/15/1932 d.5/1/2004

Flowers Garland Harvey b.12/16/1952 d.6/11/2006

Forsythe Maud b.3/13/1900 d.5/20/1990

Forth Alvin T. b.10/20/1932 d.8/27/2005

Forth James W. b.1/3/1917 d.3/5/1999

Forth Thelma C. b.12/6/1918 d.2/1/2004 spouse Howard Dan b.4/14/1915 d.8/14/2006

Foster E. Odell b.4/14/1919 d.11/25/1995

Foster Thelma A. b.9/6/1927 d.4/5/2003

Foster V. Allen b.4/27/1960 d.10/26/1996

Foster Verner b.1/21/1919 d.11/17/2002

Foster William Lowell b.7/16/1897 d.2/15/1991

Fulks William Maynard b.9/16/1929 d.3/29/2002 spouse Catherine V. b.10/5/1932 d.2/3/1995

Gadd Irene G. Estes b.1934 d.2001

Gallagher Ralph M. b.11/1/1925 d.2/14/2008 spouse Ruth H. b.6/25/1923 d.5/9/2004 (Mausoleum)

Gallaspie John Allen b.1/9/1932 d.3/10/1990

Garrett Donal L. b.1928 d.2001

Garrett Heazy A b.9/19/1925 d.7/28/1996

Garrett Milford T. b.12/11/1921 d.7/12/1999 spouse Bessie L. b.9/4/1918 d.9/30/1977

Gibbson Ruth S b.10/28/1910 d.12/15/2003 spouse Herbert C b.7/8/1921 d.4/29/2003

Gibson Clara N. b.7/11/1907 d.4/26/2000

Gibson Herbert C. b.7/8/1921 d.7/29/2003

Gibson Jo Ann b.4/10/1935 d.10/26/2004 spouse Gary Dee b.10/18/1934 d.1/20/2000

Gibson John M. b.9/20/1947 d.5/23/2007

Gibson L. Willis b.6/4/1925 d.6/19/1994

Gibson W. M. Chad b.10/10/1973 d.8/24/1994

Gibson Wanda L. b.9/13/1938 d.9/3/2005 spouse Robert J. (Mausoleum)

Gilkerson Richard W b.7/4/1943 d.5/15/1999 spouse Margaret J. b.9/24/1933 d.5/2/2008

Gill Phyllis P. b.1927 d.1995

Gill Stephen M. b.1950 d.1998

Gillispie Dansy M. b.1916 d.2006

Ginn Bryan D. b.5/24/1974 d.1/22/1996

Ginn Helen G b.4/1/1938 d.5/21/2007

Glenn Minnie I. b.1907 d.1995 spouse Orvall T. b.1902 d.1978

Goff Ronald J. b.12/14/1963 d.1/4/2006

Good Charles W. b.1912 d.1999 spouse Margaret J. b.1919 d.2007

Graddock Gregory S. b.3/10/1965 d.1/23/1996

Gram Gladys S. Parsons b.8/23/1906 d.3/30/1997

Grant Mansel C. b.10/8/1920 d.3/30/2000 spouse Alma J. b.12/27/1926 d.7/11/1983

Grant Rev T. Harold b.4/3/1926 d.12/14/1999

Gribben Jack T b.6/7/1931 d.2/9/2004

Griffeth Leland S. Jr. b.1/8/1919 d.9/23/2006

Groghan Ree M. Jr. b.7/29/1921 d.7/6/2007 spouse Dorothy Awilda Rappold b.12/25/1919 d.2/16/2005

Gullion Jack L. b.4/8/1930 d.6/10/2003

Hager James A. b.3/18/1955 d.7/7/1997 spouse Geneva b.1/22/1935 d.6/26/1987

Hall Glennith T. b.3/17/1914 d.1/1/2004 spouse Clarence F. b.5/13/1910 d.7/25/1996

Handley Mary b.1912 d.2006

Hanna Mamie D. b.1907 d.1999

Harbour Arlen L. b.1916 d.2003

Harden Lottie M. b.1914 d.1993

Harper Glenna G. b.4/22/1916 d.1/29/1992 spouse Raymond A. b.2/12/1910 d.7/24/1984

Harper Russel Wayne b.2/26/1941 d.1/7/1995

Harris Sean M. b.1/15/1990 d.12/3/2004

Hatfield Ethel M. b.5/29/1925 d.6/14/1992 spouse Paul R. b.1/12/1924 d.4/13/1992

Hauldren Margaret b.2/28/2927 d.9/7/1997

Hayes Ladena Rooper b.10/7/1929 d.10/15/1993

Hayes Lou R. b.2/5/1936 d.3/23/2004

Hedrick Lula M. b.10/9/1896 d.2/13/1992

Held William E. b.6/11/1939 d.3/1/2001 spouse Zandra D b.12/??/1942 d.6/18/2004

Helen Ewers Jordan Knapp b.4/14/1916 d.6/20/1981

Henderson Agnes B. b.1914 d.2005

Henderson Charles R. b.12/12/1932 d.11/9/1999

Henderson Gladys M. b.1902 d.1993

Hensley Betty J. b.9/12/1927 d.11/10/1998

Henson Carol V. b.1/1/1918 d.4/24/2000

Henson Harold Andrew b.4/1/1920 d.1/17/2004

Hicks Ada M. b.12/13/1917 d.6/12/2002

Higginbotham John A. b.2/23/1951 d.1/20/2001

Higginbotham Samuel C. b.10/15/1921 d.4/29/2006

Hill E. Irene Burnes b.1/16/1919 d.5/10/1992

Hinkley Erwin Clay b.9/2/1922 d.3/15/1993

Hobert Vesta R b.8/8/1909 d.818/1998 spouse Gerald E b.8/14/1908 d.3/21/1998

Hodges Douglas G. b.1937 d.1996

Hodges Lloyd C. b.2/17/1916 d.4/12/2000

Hodges Randall D. b.12/17/1917 d.6/18/2001

Holmes Ralph b.2/8/1932 d.1/16/1999

Howard David G. b.10/26/1934 d.6/28/1990

Huff Charles J. b.5/14/1939 d.9/3/1994

Huff Charles J. b.5/14/1939 d.9/3/1994

Huffman Freeman Edward b.5/18/1922 d.9/29/2001

Humphreys Herman monkŁ b.4/24/1930 d.2/26/2000 spouse Kines Faye b.8/3/1934 d.5/26/1999

Hunley Lillian D. b.1931 d.2008 spouse James D. b.9/19/1930 d.2/23/1987

Hutchins Howard F. Jr. b.12/16/1941 d.2/17/1999

Hutton Mary Kathleen b.4/15/1912 d.2/27/2008 spouse Golden Carroll b.5/26/1911 d.1/21/1981

Jackson Jesse C. b.8/4/1917 d.8/1/1989

Janey Evelyn Davis b.10/30/1914 d.10/31/2007

Jewell Emily b.7/18/1997 d.2/3/1998

Johnson Clifford H. b.11/2/1932 d.3/30/1998 spouse Carrie R. b.10/1/1932 d.8/25/1999

Johnson Ray C b.1912 d.1998

Johnston Forest Dale PVT US Army Korea war Purple Heart b.7/21/1929 d.2/1/2007

Jones Roy H. b.1/4/1946 d.6/25/2007

Jones William P. b.4/26/1927 d.3/22/2008

Jordan Alton E. b.10/20/1931 d.4/1/2000

Kayser Charles F. b.8/24/1915 d.7/10/1998

Keeling Alvin O. b.2/13/1912 d.1/29/2008 spouse Katherine Hager b.1/25/1915 d.9/9/2005

Keenan June Holley b.9/11/1908 d.2/18/1998

Keener Leanah B. b.6/18/1936 d.1/23/2006

Keffer Frank A. b.1/16/1909 d.3/9/2002 spouse Opal L. b.1/19/1910 d.6/14/2001

Kelley Walton E. b.10/11/1929 d.9/8/1989

Kennedy Judy C. b.6/12/1943 d.4/18/2003

Kennedy Leck b.1906 d.1994

Ketchum Milton Wayne b.6/1/1936 d.8/17/1998

Kidd Dennis E. b.1/19/1901 d.4/28/1989 spouse Thelma Irene b.11/26/1904 d.5/4/1980

Kidd Raymond F. b.6/29/1921 d.6/23/1989

Kilgore Dencil b.5/1/1936 d.7/23//2006 (Mausoleum)

Kinder Dorma D. b.9/2/1940 d.5/30/2001

Kindhart Susan b.5/10/1958 d.8/9/1998

King Otto R.  SSgt US Army WW2 b.1/13/1914 d.4/27/2007 spouse Janet S. (Mausoleum)

Kirby Roy D. b.7/15/1946 d.7/18/2001 spouse Anita J. (Mausoleum)

Knapp Judge Dennis R. b.5/13/1912 d.12/25/1998

Knapp Velmer K. b.12/19/1913 d.7/7/1990

Knowles David Ray b.6/11/1941 d.8/13/2002 spouse Marle E. b.6/3/1942 d.1/12/2002

Koontz Eula Bessie b.9/15/1917 d.4/17/2004

Kromer Helen A. b.1896 d.1989

Laferty Neva b.11/24/1907 d.11/2/1989

Laferty Ruth b.5/10/1925 d.10/10/2000

Lafon Melba L. b.9/10/1922 d.6/23/2007

Lafon Raymond L. b.6/22/1921 d.6/1/1995

Lake Elder Woodrow b.7/13/192 d.7/2/1996

Larson Walter I. b.12/12/1931 d.1/7/2006

Lawson Inez Mae b.9/17/1910 d.12/24/1993

Lawson Tommy A. b.9/5/1936 d.3/24/2007

Lawson Waunell O. b.7/29/1933 d.8/21/1990

Leadman KW b.1/10/1920 d.6/16/2004

Leadmon Arizon b.1906 d.1998

Leadmon Hazel M. b.2/17/1905 d.8/9/1985 spouse Emory b.2/13/1903 d.3/15/1989

Leadmon Paul b.12/15/1928 d.11/29/2000

Leroy Cene B. b.9/6/1932 d.2/10/2001

Lewis D. Adrienne b.5/18/1921 d.1/5/1996

Linville Barbara Simmons b.8/14/1945 d.8/18/2001

Lively Connie J. b.5/11/1948 d.4/1/2005

Longnecker Carl E. b.1942 d.2001

Lundell Elis H. b.1915 d.1990

Lweis Zena Riffe b.6/15/1900 d.12/22/1995

Manson Judith B. b.2/26/1947 d.7/15/2007

Marker Dayton G. b.7/5/1914 d.2/11/1991

Martin Peter G. b.12/2/2954 d.2/5/2000

Martin Samuel L. b.6/12/1934 d.10/31/2004

Mason Molly K. b.12/2/1915 d.12/27/1998 (Mausoleum)

May Dr. Mary Knapp b.9/24/1943 d.7/4/1995

May Jean D. b.5/2/1925 d.10/11/1999

Mcallister Olive J. b.10/9/1917 d.12/7/2007

McCallister David b.2/7/1955 d.6/8/1993 spouse Owen b.5/28/1913 d.11/9/1998

McCallister Eloise G. b.10/3/1927 d.2/26/1999

McCallister J. Clinton b.10/25/1956 d.4/26/1995

McCann Alton A. b.1922 d.1998 spouse Martha Lee b.1917 d.1992

McCarty Herbert F. b.8/24/1943 d.11/8/1995 spouse Delores G. b.5/10/1942 d.9/24/1998

McClure Tomasa C. b.10/4/1927 d.10/29/2006 spouse Glenn L. b.2/8/1926 d.1/6/1923

McCraw Mary S. b.1918 d.2003

McCutcheon Joel L. b.9/28/1955 d.9/29/2000

McDaniel James Jr. b.9/23/1932 d.8/28/2002

McDowell Wanda b.9/1/1932 d.1/15/2000

McGhee G. Frank b.3/21/1911 d.9/23/2004 spouse D. Helen b.8/10/1916 d.4/21/2000

McGhee R. Fred b.8/30/1913 d.12/5/2003

Mckenzie Mary V. b.1/17/1905 d.11/17/2003

McPherson Calry Jo. b.9/23/1993 d.8/12/1995

Meadow Emmett b.1909 d.1989 spouse Ina Mae b.1916 d.2003

Meadows Lola K. b.7/9/1911 d.8/30/1996

Meadows Vinson E. b.6/4/1924 d.8/21/1990

Mercer Dewey I. b.1932 d.1993

Mercer Nelson M. b.6/30/1926 d.10/17/1996 spouse Dorothy M. b.2/15/1928 d.9/23/2006

Midgett Musetta I. b.11/1/1913 d.10/7/1995

Miller Maxine Gall b.4/25/1918 d.2/6/2005

Miller Richard A. Sr. b.7/23/1927 d.12/18/2002 spouse Martha BobbieŁ b.7/3/1930 d.9/16/2007

Mitchell Sylvia L. b.9/25/1924 d.9/10/2003

Mollet Frank W. b.4/18/1920 d.2/21/2007 spouse Mary E. b.2/21/1928 d.11/17/2006

Moore Maury B. b.7/9/1917 d.1/12/1995 spouse Ima E. b.6/30/1922 d.7/16/2001

Morris William G. b.4/11/1934 d.11/4/1999

Morrison Dallas Lee b.1932 d.2005

Morrison Steven Donald b.8/10/1977 d.3/18/1993

Morrison W. Glen b.1910 d.1996 spouse Eloise M. b.1915 d.2004

Moss James L b.10/8/1922 d.7/20/1994

Mundell Edmund J. b.7/27/1924 d.7/12/1992

Murphy Kenneth Ray b.10/4/1950 d.3/11/2003

Myers Danny J. b.12/31/1943 d.9/14/2005

Myner B.E. BusterŁ b.12/14/1934 d.11/23/2000 (Mausoleum)

Myner Mildred B b.7/14/1917 d.1/15/1991 spouse Chester F. b.4/15/1914 d.4/1/1998

Mynes Essie Z. b.10/19/1908 d.11/26/1997

Mynes Roscoe Thomas b.1903 d.1989 spouse Darrell Keith b.8/24/1934 d.3/11/1997

Mynes Shirley Ross b.7/7/1933 d.3/2/1993

Mynes Virgle W. b.1932 d.1990

Narcise Rocco Maj US Army Air Corps b.2/8/1928 d.6/1991

Neeley Irsil Gibson b.3/3/1903 d.1/4/1991

Neeley Ivan W. Sr. b.10/10/1924 d.6/21/2006

Newman Steven L. b.8/5/1947 d.12/31/2006

Nichols Jack W. b.10/1/1911 d.7/22/2001

Niebur William H. b.6/19/1927 d.2/22/2004 spouse Clarice A. b.8/10/1930 d.12/15/1988

Null John Leonard b.2/22/1922 d.5/29/1993

Okley Roy S. b.1908 d.1991

Oliver Walter b.1925 d.2006

Oxley Bessie Sloan b.5/1/1902 d.1/13/1994

Parker John W. Sr. b.12/28/1921 d.4/29/1991

Parkins Forest Hill b.6/11/1923 d.7/17/2006 spouse Evelyn E. b.6/23/1922 d.12/13/1993

Parr Henry R b.6/1/1951 d.2/15/1981

Parsons Cliff A. Sr. b.8/3/1951 d.10/29/1993

Parsons Jeffrey D. Sr. b.7/26/1965 d.10/12/1992

Patrick Norma G. b.1938 d.2006

Payne Ethel V. b.1/2/1923 d.3/16/1999

Payne Joyce A. b.7/28/1937 d.3/31/2002

Peak Archie Louis b.6/3/1919 d.12/26/1997

Peak Meril E. b.4/23/1925 d.1/8/2008

Pedlow Lena Metten b.1/21/1910 d.1/22/1992

Pendleberry William J. b.11/11/1940 d.12/24/2006

Perez Lino b.6/9/1909 d.1/22/1991

Perkins Betty Lou Lovejoy b.1/24/1930 d.6/21/2003 spouse Lou BusŁ Harris b.4/10/1930/1/26/1980

Perry Jennings W. b.8/17/1922 d.10/29/1991

Perzak ? b.1914 d.2002 b.5/25/1924 d.9/22/2003

Peters Helen Estelle b.12/17/1914 d.3/6/1997

Petry Jenny L. b.5/1/1989 d.6/16/1999 (Mausoleum)

Peyton Nellie b.1896 d.1994

Phillips Norma B b.8/22/1937 d.1/24/2005

Phillips William David b.4/24/1947 d.6/13/2006

Plumley Donald R. b.5/5/1917 d.4/20/1999 spouse Anna M. b.9/11/1917 d.3/30/2007

Plumley Lee W. b.5/30/1919 d.7/8/1997

Pridemore Timothy b.1980 d.1999

Prince Mary Virginia b.6/18/1989 d.11/6/1997

Prisk Charles  b.4/15/1908 d.8/15/2008 (Mausoleum)

Proffilt Jacqueline Cook b.8/7/25 d.11/5/1990

Pruitt Ronald Lee b.2/22/1920 d.9/10/1989

Pullen Easol b.6/28/1912 d.4/5/2007

Pullen Ruby Hope b.6/3/1911 d.9/16/1999

Quade Freeda Hall b.11/1/1918 d.8/14/1992

Qualls Betty J. b.10/1/1921 d.1/21/2006

Quentrill Lyonial M. b.7/31/1947 d.3/4/2005

Quentrill T. Melon b.8/28/1924 d.9/4/1988

Raines Edna Louise b.1912 d.1995

Rappold Billie Claire b.6/23/1925 d.4/12/2004

Raudman Gayle F. b.3/9/1935 d.9/27/2006

Reynolds Albert E. b.4/16/1920 d.12/19/1995

Rhodes Kathryn J. b.1/22/1924 d.11/19/1991 spouse Riley W. b.7/20/1922 d.5/20/1987

Rhodes Tarry Lee Jr. b.9/21/1980 d.1/22/2004

Richards Clyde E. b.12/19/1937 d.11/5/2007

Richards Ida A b.1917 d.1995

Riddle Raleigh M. b.7/20/1928 d.4/27/1994

Rigsby Jackie L. b.10/15/1941 d.3/1/1989

Roach Lillian Sumner b.3/21/1916 d.3/17/2002 spouse Charles Robert b.7/30/1955 d.9/29/2002

Roberts Edith Easter b.4/18/1908 d.6/29/2002

Roberts Lou Ann b.1911 d.2007 spouse Oran b.1908 d.1995

Roberts Orban b.1910 d.1991

Robinson Ernest Dewey b.1916 d.1996

Robison Sandra K. b.10/9/1947 d.7/28/2008 (Mausoleum)

Rogers Wanda Louis b.11/7/1939 d.12/27/2002  

Rooper Alice Issacs b.10/31/1904 d.5/24/1999

Rooper Melba I. b.1924 d.1997 spouse James E. b.1914 d.1987

Rooper Quentin b.1918 d.1997

Rose Vola b.1926 d.2004 spouse Junier b.1920 d.1990

Rose Walter J. b.5/19/1920 d.12/8/1997

Rosenik Sallie Fife b.9/19/1909 d.1/19/1991

Rosenik William S. b.9/1/1907 d.8/9/2000

Ross Patrick L. Jr. b.12/1/1963 d.12/6/1998

Roush Mary M. b.2/10/1923 d.11/12/2002

Roush Thomas F. b.5/23/1957 d.1/17/2005

Rumbaugh Alvin b.4/14/1932 d.12/10/2001 spouse Phyllis b.3/28/1933 d.1/16/2008

Russell Mary Evelyn b.9/7/1940 d.11/6/2004

Scarberry Leland Ray b.2/25/1937 d.12/14/1992

Scarberry Paula Ray b.4/5/1970 d.2/11/1989

Schultz Catherine B. b.7/1/1918 d.3/29/1995

Scott Dorothy H b.1920 d.1987

Searls Phyllis G. b.10/23/1932 d.10/14/1996

Sellards Elizabeth S b.1948 d.2001

Shabdue Michael Todd b.5/9/1971 d.12/29/1989

Shafer Brenda K b.7/26/1947 d.5/24/1998

Sharratt Clara O. b.6/23/1909 d.7/29/2000

Silvey Virginia Ethel b.6/28/1913 d.12/29/2003

Skaggs Dianna G b.1946 d.2005

Sloan Chester b.1902 d.1992

Sloane Irene Goodrich b.4/24/1904 d.6/28/1998

Smith Basil H. b.1916 d.1994

Smith Charles Albert b.5/9/1928 d.11/19/2003 spouse Ruth V. b.9/12/1928 d.6/13/2005

Smith Clayton Frazier Sr. b.8/25/1921 d.11/24/2007 spouse Dorothy Eloise Sherman b.5/21/1921 d.1/13/2007

Smith Everett Air Force b.4/19/1929 d.12/16/1984

Smith Joseph b.5/20/1920 d.8/23/1999

Smith Mary Zelta b.1919 d.1994

Smith Myrtle b.2/14/1909 d.2/26/1997

Smith Norman T. b.10/3/1915 d.4/20/1997 spouse Eloise V. b.7/14/1924 d.12/11/1998

Smith Norman T. II b.7/10/1943 d.2/12/1995

Smith Oma G. b.2/13/1911 d.4/5/1995 spouse Clarence J. b.7/10/1899 d.9/6/1995

Smith Robert b.4/18/1931 d.6/14/1995

Sovine Denville M. b.3/19/1924 d.9/4/1997

Sovine Denville M. b.3/1924 d.9/4/1997

Sovine James I. b.10/2/1928 d.12/6/2006

Sovine James W. b.4/23/1942 d.3/30/2005

Sovine Milo E. b.1907 d.1995

Sovine Richard V. b.1/8/1922 d.9/24/2003

Sovine Robert L b.6/18/1928 d.6/24/1993 spouse Don J b.4/20/1926 d.7/10/2007

Sovine Warner Herbert b.7/12/1919 d.2/12/2004 spouse Juanita Abbott b.3/24/1919 d.2/12/2004

Sowards Charles Wayne b.4/4/1926 d.12/5/2004

Sowards Denver Lee b.3/4/1930 d.5/29/2008

Sowards Gladys B. b.9/21/1911 d.7/3/2000

Sowards Max L. b.10/1915 d.12/28/2006

Sowards Nannie B. b.12/15/18955 d.10/19/1993

Sowards Paul C. b.6/15/1916 d.7/22/1990

Sowers Rosemary b.3/28/1923 d.8/23/2000

Spears Rev. Charles P. b.3/2/1923 d.10/4/1999 spouse Nina L. b.11/24/1922 d.5/21/2005

Stanley Anna Carden b.11/3/1904 d.2/27/1995 spouse Joseph Allen b.5/13/1900 d.4/13/1989

Stanley Charles Lee b.9/31/1938 d.11/11/2001

Stanley Kathern b.9/10/1917 d.8/7/1999 spouse Lonnie b.7/27/1913 d.9/6/1981

Stark F. Paul b.1929 d.1994

Stephens Don Francis b.9/21/1907 d.9/7/1991 spouse Inez Burcham b.8/4/1904 d.12/6/1993

Stephens John Leslie b.2/8/1943 d.8/9/1997

Stephens Kenneth R. b.12/26/1925 d.6/14/2007

Sterling Edna L. b.1916 d.2003

Stewart Hal J b.9/17/1926 d.11/16/2001

Stickler Ruby Olive b.1914 d.2002

Stinespring Austin L. b.2/7/1918 d.2/22/2001 spouse Peggy E. (Mausoleum)

Stout Richard B. b.1910 d.1990 spouse Ruby E. b.1916 d.1996

Stover Ellen Irene b.6/4/1925 d.5/23/2003

Stricklin E. Irene b.1927 d.2007

Sturgill Lonnie Delbert b.7/17/1912 d.1/26/2007 spouse Gloria Faye b.7/12/1924 d.6/20/2000

Sturgill Paul b.10/17/1953 d.1/25/2005 spouse Janet Dunaway b.11/23/1936 d.4/2006

Sullivan Cecil D. b.10/12/1897 d.10/3/1989 spouse Esther S. b.3/19/1898 d.8/19/1989

Sullivan Elaine S. b.2/6/1927 d.6/25/2002

Sumner Meredith E. b.2/21/1904 d.10/12/1995

Sumner Richard Fredrick b.4/17/197 d.12/13/2002 spouse Mary Virginia b.10/8/1920 d.10/2/2003

Syndor Lucile P. b.1920 d.1989

Tarkington Verna L. b.6/10/1940 d.5/21/2006

Tayloer Dalton T. b.8/22/1921 d.1/13/1994

Taylor Georgia b.7/10/1909 d.11/27/1992

Taylor Jay Douglas b.2/8/1917 d.12/20/1996

Taylor Jay Douglas b.2/8/1917 d.12/20/1996

Taylor Jean A. b.8/26/1918 d.1/29/2006

Taylor Lillian Roy b.12/18/1916 d.8/11/1990

Taylor Monty S. b.2/2/1916 d.6/30/1992 spouse Helen L. Doss b.1/20/1925 d.5/25/2005

Taylor Murrill H. b.11/16/1910 d.9/25/1997

Templeton Louise b.1907 d.1992

Terry Clara D. b.5/6/1906 d.6/4/1993

Thacker Charles Lee b.1927 d.1991

Thacker Ethel M. b.12/25/1903 d.10/21/1994

Thomas Jannie Mae b.5/23/1899 d.1/9/1998

Thomason H. Mancio b.9/30/1932 d.2/13/2008

Thomasson Teresa Lynn b.9/26/2964 d.11/19/2000

Thompson Alma I. b.7/13/1908 d.9/11/1994

Thompson Ethen Pate b.2/18/2003 d.5/26/2003

Thompson Jim b.6/16/1924 d.12/17/2004

Thompson Orva Lee b.1919 d.1993

Thompson W. Franklin b.10/12/1912 d.7/24/2001

Thompson Wilson Bryan b.1/15/1927 d.9/29/2006

Thornton Cornelia America b.3/12/1920 d.4/19/2004

Thornton Elwood b.1907 d.1992 spouse Gertrude b.1907 d.1992

Toney Charles R. b.12/31/1919 d.10/22/200 spouse Mary Frazier b.4/24/1923 d.4/18/1998

Trail Beecher b.7/31/1900 d.6/12/1985 spouse Lula A. b.2/29/1908 d.10/29/2000

Tudor Pauline Hill b.1914 d.1994

Turley Charles R. b.1933 d.2006

Turley Elizabeth Roselle b.1957 d.2001

Turley Gladys L. b.10/20/1919 d.2/19/1999

Turley Kimberly Alison b.1983 d.2005

Turner Dreama Dawn McCallister b.3/5/1967 d.11/2/1990

Turner R. Dale b.9/11/1929 d.5/7/2007

Tyree Dewey b.8/1/1913 d.9/26/2003 spouse Nellie G. b.8/9/1916 d.6/26/1997

Vanmeter Diana Sue b.1/10/1947 d.5/28/2003

Waddell Harold E. b.1923 d.2003

Wade Joseph Preston b.7/14/1936 d.12/26/2005

Wade Marilyn L. b.7/21/1942 d.2/11/1946

Wade Rebecca Jo b.11/21/1965 d.8/28/1990

Wade Rexyall J. b.10/2/1934 d.10/9/2002

Wade Walter F. b.3/8/1924 d.6/3/2005

Wade Yeoman W. b.1904 d.1990 spouse Arvella R. b.1909 d.1979

Walker Betty Jo b.1925 d.2001

Walker Robert L. b.1948 d.2001

Waller Sherry Lynn b.10/23/1925 d.8/28/2001

Walter Thomas R b.1939 d.1998

Waltz Evelyn K. b.1917 d.2000

Ward Kyle B. b.9/26/1940 d.9/2/1997

Warner Louise Hedrick b.9/21/19160 d.4/16/2005

Watson Forrest E. b.7/10/1915 d.3/10/2003 spouse Alda K. b.12/6/1916 d.5/29/1992

Watson Lois Eileen b.6/17/1923 d.12/22/1998 spouse Stafford H. b.7/6/1922 d.9/2/1986

Weiskircher Catherine S. b.11/8/1909 d.1/11/2004

Welker Inez B. b.9/22/1911 d.12/9/1995 spouse Howard D. b.9/6/1911 d.8/23/1993

Wheeler Hassel S. b.2/28/1912 d.5/15/2002 spouse Reba H. b.5/17/1918 d.8/4/1997

Wheeler Rose Marie b.10/2/1942 d.11/20/1992

White Elizabeth E. b.1919 d.2006

Whitman John A. b.1949 d.1997

Wigman Eva C. b.4/16/1906 d.5/24/1993

Willams Ralph O. b.1911 d.2007 spouse Daisy M. b.1907 d.1993

William Nell V. b.4/7/1920 d.6/6/2005

William Robert A. b.1936 d.1998

Withrow Orville A. b.12/1/1955 d.11/14/2004

Withrow Otmer Russell b.11/27/1928 d.2/6/1994

Wolford W. H. b.1911 d.1993 spouse Ora Jane b.1917 d.1997

Wood William H b.12/2/1920 d.2/6/2000

Wood William H. b.12/2/1920 d.2/6/2000

Wooten Maxie E. b.4/25/1921 d.12/18/2003

Wright Earl G. b.5/15/1925 d.12/15/1906 spouse Lillian M. b.9/20/1928 d.12/15/1996

Wroczynski Joyce Taylor b.1953 d.2001

Yoko Martha M. b.1922 d.1995 spouse James E. b.1918 d.1997

York Charles H. b.2/21/1943 d.9/29/1996

Young Inez V. b.6/11/1913 d.4/6/2008

Young James Oscar b.12/14/1993 d.7/2/1996

Young Marco H b.9/22/1916 d.11/17/1996

Young Noah D. b.1928 d.2006 spouse Dorothy M. b.1927 d.2007

Young Wetzel E. b.2/27/1936 d.4/22/2003

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Winfield Cemetery Rocky Step Road Updated 2009 James Blood - Boy Scout Troop 110 Buckskin Council

Addis Eunice Stone b.1905 d.1991

Armstrong Kathleen Fierbaugh b.12/30/1913 d.6/13/1989

Barr John Russ b.1918 d.2005

Bock Evelyn b.8/18/1920 d.2/13/1996

Brown Alice Bayer b.1908 d.1993

Burgess Cassandra Beth b.12/13/1979 d.10/15/2007

Burgess Lawrence E. Cri b.7/14/1930 d.7/9/2000 husband of Betty Lou Hodges b.8/11/1932 d. 6/7/1994

Cartmill William E. b.7/10/1926 d.7/3/1998

Childers Evalena b.1893 d.1991 wife of Lewis B.

Childers Helen Hodges b.4/16/1910 d.6/3/2005 wife of Carl Lovell b.5/18/1911 d.9/16/1998

Cook Guy A. b.10/17/1919 d.8/23/23/1997

Cook Mary Juanita b.2/20/1920 d.8/29/2004

Copen Imogene Hodges b.7/1/1912 d.10/3/2000

Cumming Carolyn Henson b.8/18/1931 d.12/27/2000

Cunningham J. Robert b.4/6/1945 d.2/16/2001

DeLong ? b.12/14/1923 d.5/22/2003

Dorman Grace Smith b.8/9/1923 d.12/27/1994

Duke Edward C. b.2/14/1918 d.6/27/1993 husband of I. Doris b.4/22/1920 d.3/31/2008

Fewell D. Michael b.9/13/1946 d.4/16/2001

Fewell Helen Louise b.1898 d.1993 wife of Thomas Jackson

Forman May Reece b.1902 d.1997

Fuller Richard Eugene b.6/23/1911 d.10/3/2001 husband of Lucille Hodges b.3/4/1918 d.3/15/2007

Hale Elbert b.8/23/1922 d.10/17/2002 husband of Edna

Hazlett Phyllis Glenn b.3/25/1924 d.5/3/1989

Hazlett Sherman Francis b.11/9/1919 d.10/17/1996

Hazlett Wilma b.1923 d.2002 wife of Franklin

Henderson Franklin D. b.10/8/1945 d.1/30/1996 husband of Wanda J. Shue

Hensley John Paul b.2/16/1926 d.6/8/1999 husband of Betty Jane

Hofstetter Eileen Mae b.9/29/1931 d.3/30/2003

Holly Herbert F. b.8/8/1933 d.3/26/2002

Hover Betty E. b.3/8/1932 d.12/18/2004

Hudson Constance Anne b.1/17/1943 d.7/6/2005

Jackson Timothy Jacob. b.7/28/1984 d.9/30/2001

Kimball Gertrude Elizabeth King b.12/27/1915 d.9/16/2008

King Joseph Edward b.4/8/1953 d.5/23/2001

King Juanita B b.12/17/1933 d.8/3/2005 wife of Charles C b.2/8/1928 d.6/16/1998

Lamb Paul T. b.8/30/1914 d.1/17/2005 husband of Retha G. b.2/22/1914 d.6/11/1997

Leadmon Marguerite b.12/2/1901 d.8/15/1996

Legg Geoffrey F. b.10/20/1968 d.3/25/2003

Leslie Jacob Fredrick b.4/2/1913 d.8/18/1993 married Wilma Hodges

Leslie John Fredrick b.11/9/1937 d.2/27/2007

Leslie Michael Joseph b.5/26/1954 d.11/27/2000

Lett Billy Y. b.1921 d.1998 spouse Allajean Gibeaut b.1924 d.1997

McCallister Edwin Lewis Sn US Navy b.8/9/1949 d.3/11/2006

McCallister Opal M. b.1923 d.1997 wife of Woodrow M. b.1919 d.2000

McLaughlin Cecil J Jr. b.4/15/1922 d.6/5/2007

Miller Larry Edward the second b.3/26/1982 d.12/5/2006

Mollohan Nellie b.1922 d.2002

Morris Kathleen L. b.1903 d.1992

Moss Betty M. b.1906 d.1994 wife of L. Guy

Mullins Mckinley b.5/13/1936 d.1/25/1999 husband of Norma

Noffsinger Ruth V. b.1904 d.1999

Orrison Wm. E. b.10/8/1928 d.12/8/2000

Pauley Jamie Dale b.8/3/1995 d.2/24/1996

PendleBerry Wm. Bill b.12/23/1914 d.6/21/1990 husband of Ethel R. b.4/24/1913 d.9/10/2002

Phillips Dennis Wayne b.11/4/1939 d.1/4/2000 husband of Patricia Ann b.6/13/1946 d.7/25/1994

Radcliff Sandra E. b.11/10/1942 d.6/18/2005 wife of Larry C.

Rairden Charles F. b.1922 d.1994 husband of Dolores J. b.1924 d.1999

Reece Marbel V.  b.1905 d.1993

Reece Merle C. b.19030 d.1996

Reynolds Ethel V. b.1932 d.1991 wife of Keith V.

Robert William E b.1918 d.1975 husband of Maxine A b.1919 d.2004

Rumbaugh Franklin Henson b.1/4/1930 d.10/8/1999

Sayre Terry L. b.3/28/1954 d.8/22/2003

Shipley Laverne K. b.1922 d.1997 married Ethrich C. b.1921 d.1998

Smith Walter L. b.8/15/1906 d.1/2/1998 husband of Elma K b.12/21/1909=3/17/1998

Thornton Mayo b.9/28/1914 d.3/23/1999

Tucker Melvin C. b.1919 d.1991 husband of Reba E.

Tucker Theresa A. b.5/29/1961 d.2/28/2006 wife of Thomas E.

Turley Beverly N. b.1949 d.2002

Turley Dale b.9/19/1951 d.10/4/2002

Valleau Terri Leigh Roberts b.6/7/1956 d.3/18/2007

Walker Maree Fierbaugh b.5/13/1910 d.1/15/1998

Watson Kenneth D. b.7/1/1940 d.5/17/2008 husband of Pattie S.

Watson Thomas S. b.9/7/1915 d.3/27/2004 husband of Garnett M. b.9/23/1914 d.9/10/1998

Wick Frances Bachtel b.5/16/1916 d.12/11/2002

Wick Wellington W. b.4/3/1912 d.10/4/2000

Wilson Virginia A. b.9/8/1922 d.12/19/2007

Windon Arminta G. b.1909 d.1992

Windon Arminta G. b.1909 d.1992

Woodrum Joel M. Sr. b.1934 d.2004

Yeager Glenn b.6/5/1918 d.6/23/1991 husband of Helen Asbury b.9/29/1922 d.4/20/2007

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